Çemberlitaş Hammam

This is Turkey- the land of fairy talesOn one of her side rests wise Anatolia, on her other side the unforgettable goddess: Istanbul. Istanbul’s one side is a modern European city. On her other side lays the ancient city with its memories of centuries. And in that ancient city lays another fairy tale: Çemberlitaş Hammam. A secret chest that hides the eyes, hands, dreams, thoughts of the Master of the Masters; Sinan the Architect and his mastery of engineering that still manages to surprise.

The Çemberlitas Bath is located on Çemberlitas Square on Divanyolu Street situated in the midst of some of Istanbul’s greatest monuments. It is next to the Vezirhan monument erected by Constantine I (324 – 327). The Köprülü Mahmud Pasa complex with its mosque, school and tombs are directly opposite the bath and at its sides are the Vezir Han and the old university building. Also in the near vicinity of the bath are the tomb of Sultan Mahmut II and its treasury, the Köprülü Library, the Atik Pasa Mosque and school and the tomb of Ali Baba.

There won’t be too many times in your life when you’ll get the opportunity to have a Turkish bath in a building dating back to 1584, so now might well be the time to do it – particularly as this twin hamam was designed by the great architect Sinan and is among the most beautiful in the city.

Photography : cemberlitashamami.com

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