Well. It is too simple- We want to touch our lives with a magic wand.

Just think about it… Years ago, some men or women (in Anatolia) put in all their , effort, time and patience as well as emotions to handcraft peshtemals.

Most of these men and women have already passed away, leaving behind a legacy, which now makes us happy and brings some warmth into our lives.

December 2015...

So, this is when the story starts. With almost 10 years of experience under our belt, Two friends Zekiye and Alev thought to make a change in their lives. Zekiye was a project manager, Alev was a programmer and working in a big company.  It was a cold winter day and we were searching for an idea..We were talking about our trip to a small village along the aegean coast.

We remembered a women weaving a peshtemal in that small village. ( Her hand movements seemed magical) It was as if she was making magic movements with her hands. After a few more magical movements of her hands, we totally fell in love with the natural beauty that came out..

We started our journey with that memory and launched our e-commerce website in March 2016. In November, P E S H C E has got a trademark from Turkish Patent and Trademark Institute.

 Since April 2017, Zekiye runs the business herself,  offering the world with unique woven products that provide the best comfort in everyday living. This makes her very excited and looking forward to what the future will bring..

Besides our main product “peshtemal”, P E S H C E offers a Home collection, Beach wear,  Roundies, Bath collection, Kids collection and Handmade Accessories from Turkey. We ship worldwide..

Peshtemal is basically a traditional towel that is almost seven hundred years old and holds an important place in Turkey’s tradition and culture. Turkish towels are used by people of all ages and they have their own class and sophistication.

 All our products are combed cotton yarns, 100% cotton, 100% fabric. The products of P E S H C E  are processed by hand by the Anatolian craftsmen themselves without sacrificing any quality on handlooms. 

 All of these products  come from the historic aegean town of  Buldan, Babadağ in Denizli, Turkey.

 The Turkish Peshtemal is quite popular in the market and it comes with a wide range of benefits that they have extra large in size, compact and lightweight (fold/roll to at least 25% of a normal terry towel), fast drying, breathable, all natural, flat-woven(sand resistant), hyper-allergenic, eco-friendly and one of there most incredible features, is their versatility. Peshtemals are not just a towel, because of there incredible absorbency, they are perfect as a towel for the beach, pool or bath, but just as great to be used as a beach wrap/cover-up/ sarong or skirt, in the home as living room, lounge or bed throw, blanket, baby wrap, table cloth, scarf...

Peshtemal offers endless usages..