1. Consumers accept beforehand to share their certain personal information with peshce.com for identity approval, reception of order price and for account security provision during ordering.
  2. Consumers accept and guarantee to give their true and complete information about their identity when they give order from peshce.com . In addition consumers accept and guarantee that they won’t trade with another name or repetition for any reason; that they won’t realize any manipulatory and/or counterfeit transactions; that they won’t trade with the name or repetition of another person and that they will avoid to give misleading information for any reason.
  3. In addition to the information that consumers share voluntarily from the extension of peshce.com consumers accept that the web site with the extension of peshce.com may locate cookies to consumer’s computer in order to collect the utilization type of the website and consumer give authorization to realize this action with this agreement. The reason of application of data collection is to provide security to consumer. The information which are collected with this reason will only be shared with authorized person for account verification.
  4. The information that consumers are shared voluntarily shall not be shared with third person, institution and/or organization for any reason. However if these information must be shared with third parties for special legal reasons, for any articles of the Law and/or for the security and protection of the consumer, consumers accept that they give authorization to web site to share these information.
  5. Consumers give authorization to be used and to be shared the information those they give when consumer trade from www.peshce.com extension and give order from this extension by the authorized stuff of the company. In addition the whole transactions, correspondence, interviews and/or information sharing performed between consumer and company shall be kept and stored by the company under logical conditions. This information may be submitted by the company to the relevant organizations in case of a dispute.
  6. In order to maintain the confidentiality of the information that consumers are shared with the company voluntarily, company guarantees that maximum protection measures will be taken on www.peshce.com extension. In any case company agrees and guarantees to take the protection measure in accordance with technologic developments, to renew the protection measures, to develop these measures and to update the measure for the protection of personal information of the consumers within the context of security policy.
  7. In the light of the information that consumers share with www.peshce.com extension company may sometimes communicate with the consumer via any communication device; it may give information to consumer about the promotions; it may give information about the new product to be released; and it may communicate with consumers in any case and under any conditions. Consumers accept and guarantee beforehand to give authorization to company for communication within framework of the articles of this agreement. However, if consumer doesn’t want to communicate with the company; consumer must notify this demand to company in written form.
  8. Beside the company will take every protection measures for the provision of address security of the peshce.com extension, company undertake no responsibility if the consumer is damaged from loss or prejudice stemming from the web site (cyber attack to web site, key breakawayon web site and other similar actions.) without the initiative of the company.
  9. Consumers declare beforehand that they read, understand and accept the each article of this agreement hereby when consumer gives order and trades.