This Cookie Policy is applicable to all persons (the “User”) using the products and/or services of Pshc Ev ve Tekstil Ürünleri İhracat ve İthalat Limited Şirketi (the “Seller”) on a website with the domain name (the “Website”). The Seller has produced this Cookie Policy to give full information on the extent and purposes of the use of cookies on the Website, paying due consideration to the privacy rights and protection of the personal data of its Users. If the cookie notification on a website is turned off and the page continues to be accessed, you are deemed to have consented to the usage of cookies.
Cookies are small identifiers and data storage files transmitted to your electronic devices when you access an online service via your browser and remember that your device has accessed its website. Cookies can subsequently send these files back to the source website or another website that recognises cookies. These files store information about your website tour in order to enable you to benefit from some of the basic features of the website, to remember your data when you use the website again, and to use the website more effectively and easily.
The primary objective of using cookies on our website is gathering information about ads, optimising and publishing ads, delivering a user-friendly website experience, developing the website with proper functioning, improving the services and products of the Seller, simplifying the website use and modifying the Seller’s services and use of the website in relation to the User’s interests and preferences.
Cookies collect data with regard to the name and Internet Protocol (IP) address of the internet service provider you use on the electronic device on which you access the website, the date and time you accessed the website, the pages accessed while on the website as well as your user preferences and tour on the website including but not limited to the address of the website that provides a direct link to the website. This data may be transferred to our domestic business partners for the purposes set forth herein.
There are different types of cookies depending on the time and purpose of the use. The Seller assigns analytics cookies, session cookies, persistent cookies, cookies that are mandatory to be used, function cookies, commercial cookies and cookies of third parties. Mandatory cookies and analysis/performance cookies will not be disabled; however, if you do not want cookies of other types to be stored on your computer, you can change your cookie options in the browser settings. The settings for cookie control vary from browser to browser, and the help menus of modern browsers include detailed information on cookies. However, you may not get certain services of the Seller over the internet or receive special offers if you disable cookie usage.
The Seller may at any moment update, amend or revoke the provisions of this Cookie Policy. Any updated, altered or revoked provision shall inure to the User at the time of publication. If, after the modification, the User continues to use the services or products of the Seller, this shall be construed as consent to such changes. The Seller uses the sales platform on their website and the User reviews the instructions to use Shopify Cookies at and sets their preferences.
Cookies are retained at a reasonable time, but in all cases no more than five years on computers and devices and are thereafter erased – without exceeding the maximum legal term.