Gift Ideas for Christmas 2018

We’re counting down the days ’til Christmas and time are going by quickly! Also, with the festival season, it is the season of gifts. Often it can be a challenge to find just the right gift for your loved ones.

Gifts have been a significant part in creating healthy and loving relationships. Besides just being a gesture of admiration towards your partner, providing the ideal gifts can reveal how much you take care of your people, and understand their needs. Nobody can deny the effect that gifts which help in developing a bond and also a deeper relationship. It takes time to learn the preferences, taste, choices and needs of a person and considering it all we choose a gift for them. It requires investing your time, which is a precious token of love for your beloved.

With all these choices available to everyone though, many individuals tend to find it hard coming up with all the very ideal gift ideas for their loved ones. It's hard to strike a balance between a gift that's unforgettable, yet sensible.

We don’t want to give gifts that initially is liked by everyone, but due to not being a need, it is set aside uselessly like flowers, soft toys and so forth. We need our presents to make a powerful impression -- also to function as a bridge to bring them closer and also to show them we think about them and their needs.

So, what better than gifting someone a Turkish bathrobe or Turkish towels or kids’ Turkish clothes. Where can you buy it from? PESHCE is the answer!

Here are our bestsellers that you can use to gift this Christmas season:

AHSEN Turkish bath towels:

Use them not just as bath towels, but as blankets, tablecloths, picnic carpets, gym and yoga mats, or just as a scarf! These Turkish towels are super soft and super durable. They are an ideal gift even if you don’t know a person too intimately. Turkish bath towels have so many uses that any person would blindly choose it to gift it to someone. PESCHE has a massive collection of these, and you can check them out here.

HATUN Turkish towel Blanket:

With great and quirky design, this Turkish towel blanket is a smart choice to gift! It is available in two colours – Bordeaux and Purple. These blankets get softer with every use and wash, and can also be used as hammam towel. Use it as a runner when you host the Christmas dinner, and we guarantee that your guests are going to compliment it. It is sure to enhance the look of your house, and can serve as a home décor item too! So, why not self-gift it? Check out more Home living collection here.

ALEV Turkish towel Tunic Dress:

This cute little, comfy Tunic dress by PESHCE is made of 100% Turkish cotton. A fabulous gift for every beach lover! Use this dress to wear it at home, or spas. This is hand-loomed in Turkey, and the fringes are hand tied by women of villages. Dresses and ponchos are the preferred clothes for Summer times with their stylish and comfy layouts. Flaunt them by wearing it at your house or around the beach! Check out more such dresses here.

KAYRA Turkish Towel Kid Bathrobe:

Peshtemal bathrobes by PESHCE are the lightest and the skinniest robes ever! Which means that these are perfect kids gifting ideas. So, if you are going to attend a dinner or are hosting a dinner for Christmas and it includes children, you can gift them these adorable cute outfits. These are available in a variety of colours and for different age groups. More Peshtemal kids wear collection here. We know that you already wish if even adults had these peshtemal bathrobes! Don’t worry; we have read your mind.

You can check out the bathrobes for adults here. Another plus point of gifting these bathrobes is that it takes up very little space in your bag! You can keep them guessing, and no one will ever be able to know what you are gifting.

PESHCE, the Turkish towel company, has an extensive collection of Turkish towels, Roundies, Mini towels, kids and home living products. There are many reasons to shop from PESHCE this Christmas season like, use the coupon code XMAS35 to get 35% off on all Peshtemal products, a huge collection with amazing designs with affordable prices, and you support women by buying PESHCE products. PESHCE employs women to design, plan and produce these Peshtemals. You can read about it on “Women power in our production”. Shop today at PESHCE for Christmas! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!


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