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Colours have always been a part of people’s life since prehistoric times. Herbal colourants had been the handiest source for shading different things in daily lifestyles of ancestral people. After the industrial revolution, chemical dyes came into play and played a predominant role in the textile industry. But many kinds of research and industrialist have shown that synthetic dye is suspected to release harmful chemicals that are allergic, carcinogenic and detrimental to human health.

In the world of growing environmental focus, natural colourants have attracted many consumers. The artwork of dyeing with vegetable dyes has been a growing interest not just because natural products are safe, but also because they keep the environment chemical-free with a great quality of hues and quality.

The world has been digesting the extreme environmental pollutants over a protracted time which ultimately has led us back to mother nature. The natural dyes have amazing characteristics like the ability to present many colours and renewable source, producing less disposal water as compared to synthetic dyes. Natural dyeing is an age-old activity. It is the consequence of the humans colouring different materials with herbal assets such as plants and animals. Natural dyes are environment-pleasant, as an example, turmeric has the brightest yellow hue that is found naturally which is a strong antiseptic and is good for skin too. Henna is extracted from the leaves of the plant is a red-orange dye that is used to get temporary tattoos on the human body, colouring hair and is also used in the textile industry.

Benefits of Naturally Dyed Fabric:

1. It is biodegradable, non-allergic, non-toxic.

2. Naturally dyes are easy to produce by crushing or boiling natural materials.

3. Naturally dyed materials are free of carcinogenic factors

4. These materials are more reliable, are soft and lustrous.

5. Some natural dyes are anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. These types of clothes are very beneficial for kids.

6. It can produce a wide range of colours by mixing.

7. Safe to use.

At PESHCE, our cushions and blankets are naturally dyed and are produced on a black bench. These products are dyed through natural paints and dyes to ensure that you get a 100% pure Turkish product. The craftsmen’s, artisan’s, masters who have always been associated with the ties of affection for the Anatolian Culture (Origin of turkish cotton products) and the unique values on which they still live with commitment has been our main source of inspiration in this journey. Being a strong believer of Turkish history, we want the products that you buy from us to have a touch of this history in them.

All of our Turkish cotton products are A-grade first quality, 100% cotton fabric combed yarns with an absolute colour guarantee. The Turkish cotton products at PESHCE are made by hand without sacrificing any quality on hand looms by the Anatolian people. The materials used in the products are obtained in a 100% natural way and crafted by hand.

Recently, we have introduced the newest products in the Home & Living section. The naturally dyed Turkish cotton blankets and Turkish cotton cushions can be used to enhance the look of your bedroom and living area. Have a look at these beautiful Damla throws and Hatun blanket. And you could pair these blankets with our collection of cushions for a great movie night with your girls! Check them here. Buy the Turkish cotton products directly made from hand to your home!

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