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P E S H C E - the entity that accompanies the traditional values of Turkish Peshtemal. With the purpose of providing a global presence to Turkish tradition, Zekiye decided to start her own business. The motive is to promote the legacy of Turkish-style weaving and textile.

Ever since she determined to quit her job and start a business, she planned a trip to a small village near the Aegean coast in search of the best-fitted business idea.

In that small village, she noticed a woman weaving a peshtemal. Her hand movements appeared to be magical. She completely became enamored with the natural elegance that emerged after a few more enchanting movements of her hands.

With that remembrance as a starting point, she launched her e-commerce website in March 2016. The Turkish Patent and Trademark Institute granted P E S H C E a trademark in November.

Our Main Goal

A woman entrepreneur had discovered her idea and began to flesh it out. The Turkish Peshtemal is a traditional Turkish towel that dates back nearly 700 years and plays an essential part in Turkish culture. 

Turkish men and women contributed to Turkey's history by making the Peshtemal with their hands, putting their patience, dedication, emotions, and energy into it. 

Enduring that tradition, we have focused on empowering village women to get their source of earnings. We are driving a women-oriented business. Our aim is not only to deliver the best Turkish culture products but also to make women financially independent. 

We are providing the world with one-of-a-kind weaving products that offer the most comfort in everyday life.

P E S H C E appears to offer a home & living collection, beachwear, and bath collection in addition to their main product "Peshtemal." All these products are made with 100% natural Turkish cotton to ensure the softness and comfort of our bodies.  

Bath towels, beach towels, table cloths, hammam towels, gym towels, spa towels, pool towels, scarves, sarongs, pareos, foutas, runners, and even throw blankets, are all possible usages. We also ship our goods all over the world. 

What do we have for you?

We have recently introduced handmade scented candles for celebrating your special occasions in the light of positivity. As mentioned above, our main product line includes Turkish towels for baths and beaches. We even have small towels and hand towels for kitchen usage. These hand-woven towels are super absorbent, dry faster, lightweight, and less space-consuming. The women in the village knot all of the fringes of towels. The more you wash and use these Turkish towels, the softer and more luscious they become. 

With that, we have a special collection for kids termed as LittlePeshce. This category has kid’s bathrobes, aprons, newborn sets, and ponchos. They are high-quality and are gentle on your kid’s skin. 

However, we even have a separate category of robes for men and women as well. Bathrobes serve as the best-suited for gifting purposes. It makes your impression on your beloved ones.

We have come this long with extremely hard work, dedication, and zeal to offer the best of Turkish traditions. Hence, we have even explored the home decor area through the emerging Peshcehome. This has a collection of blankets, roundies for tablecloths and beach towels, accessories like handmade Iznik tiles, beach wears, and lastly pillows. 

We didn’t stop at this, we believe there is more pleasure in gifting such luxurious and classy items than to buy for your own. Hence, our motto is; It is not just a gift, more than it! Adhering to that, we have introduced a new category of Gift Guide

As we are a female-driven firm, we thought to provide more for women out there. Hence, we have included bags- a guilty pleasure for every girl to have one, in our gift guide.

Along with that, we have prepared special gift boxes and cards to gift your special one on their special occasion. Our bundles have some exceptional items to present your lady love with.

What's next for you?

Well, that is a surprise! We are working on something amazing and interesting for you. Our wish is to make a better experience of yours on our website.

We are grateful for your support and trust in us for so long.

PESHCE has soared to new heights and has made the eternal imprints of our Turkish culture. 

Everything about PESHCE has a story, and it applies to our Orange logo as well. But, for that, you have to stay tuned to know the story behind our beautiful logo. 

Till then, keep guessing & keep gifting!

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