Peshtemal Using Alternatives

Did You Know your PESHCE Peshtemal can be used more than 20 ways?

It’s Spring and the sun is shining. Time for being outdoors, laughing with family, treating our bodies with food but also loving it and honoring it with a walk in the sun, or a swim in the sea. We take our P E S H C E everywhere we go.

Here are our top ways to use our PESHCE this sunny season:

When we are at home:

-   At home: We like to use it for practical things. We use them for both bath towels and bath mats the natural cotton and their special weave means they are very absorbent and dry super-fast preventing musty mildew. That means fresh, breezy bathrooms, not damp smelly ones.

-    Blankets: we are talking red wine, an old movie & our PESHCE over our lap or shoulders. It’s summer time but that doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally get cozy.

-   Table cloth: It’s entertaining season, and we love the relaxed look of our P E S H C E on our dining room table. Try matching up several designs, it’s eye catching and a conversation starter.

When we travel:

Turkish towels are practical and convenient when we are living out of a suitcase.

-   They can double as both beach towel and bath towel as it doesn’t trap sand in its fibres like with normal beach towels. It will also dry overnight and be ready to pack without having to find a plastic bag to protect the other items in your luggage.

-   A hot tip! You’ll have so many uses for your P E S H C E while travelling that you’ll be thankful when you decide to pack. No more space needed.

When we are outdoors:

-   We are talking about using our Turkish Towels as beach towels, picnic rugs or mats. It even works as a wrap for the evenings by an open fire.

When we want to fashionable:

-   You can have so many looks with all our different styles. Be creative. Think about using your P E S H C E as scarfs, dresses and shawls.

When we are being sporty:

-   We love to respect our bodies by nourishing them with great food and keeping them active. We bring our P E S H C E to our workouts and use them as gym towels and we’ve even used the heavier Taormina towels as yoga mats.

When we are caring for our kids:

-   We love to have fun in the sun, but the little ones need shade. P E S H C E are great to give babies a little relief from the glare and can even be used as a baby sling or baby blanket.

No matter how you want to use it, Take and enjoy your P E S H C E


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