The Magical Gift Box

The trend of decorating the homes in retro home style will never go away. Old stuff and classic home decor things will help with the vintage look you need for your house. Filling our living spaces with an antique piece of art can transform the feel and look of the area. Fill your home and workspace with charm and character by using vintage items for decoration this festive season. In creating a proper setting for your private space, the appearance of your place can be very influential.

Antique items used for decoration add a character to a room, especially when it comes to a conversation-sparking story of purchase. It is important to decorate with the right vintage items creatively that speak about your personality. These items can be anything – an inherited piece of art from your uncle, or a flea market item you shopped, or a broken part of a vase. The trick here is to recognize these items to create perfect interiors.

It can be challenging to design your living room; there's no way around that. You create your interiors according to a colour scheme, settling on a budget, and finding furniture. It is also likely that your living room is where you spend most of your time, so the stakes are high–you want this room to look beautiful!

Turning your home into a place you enjoy is a super fun task. Today, we bring you the best ideas of home decoration using a wooden grain sieve, also known as a mesh strainer, or a sift. It is a tool used to separate unwanted elements from food items, flour, and so on. It has a net material in the centre and is surrounded by a wooden or a metal circular frame.

Antique Grain Sieve for Farmhouse décor:

Who doesn't love to chill with your friends at a farmhouse? The farmhouse is full of green plants, a swimming pool and open spaces, making it an ideal place to party hard as well. Decorate your farmhouse by using antique grain sieve which you can get as a gift box from PESHCE on request. Place the sieve on the wall with the help of a nail, and put flower pots over the circular wooden frame. Similarly, use 6-7 sieves and make a pattern. You can do this at the entrance of the farmhouse, or somewhere near the pool.

Sieve as a chandelier:

Lights transform any space. Use the sieve to make a vintage chandelier at your workplace. Cut the middle portion of the sieve with the help of a cutter, and place the light bulb through it. Apply a coat of varnish on the outer surface of the sieve to make it shine. Now, plug the bulb wire and enjoy your work!

Sieve as a Photo Frame:

Hanging or placing the photo frames on a table or wall is so old school now. Get creative with a grain sieve. Hang the sieve on the wall and put your photos in it with the help of glue or a pin. Bonus point here is that if you sieve is big; you can place a collage of photos which could be the centrepiece of your room. You can also put the photo frames inside the sieve on the wooden frame to get a different look.

Sieve as a Kitchen shelf:

Running short on shelves for your kitchen? Worry not, sieve has come to your rescue. Hang the sieve on a wall of your kitchen, and place horizontal wooden planks with the help of glue. Let it dry for some time. And tadda! Your DIY kitchen Shelf is ready to be used. Use this to place the jars or kitchen cloth. You can also decorate it with peshkir towels that can is used as a kitchen towel.

Sieve as a Wreath:

Every Christmas you decorate your home with Christmas tree, empty stockings, gifts, fireplace, and fairy lights. With a sieve, you can make a decorative wreath using Christmas decoration items. Surround it with little lights and hang stockings on it.

At PESHCE, our special gift box is a sieve. We have curated a unique gift box, a grain sieve that is used to put our Turkish cotton products and is wrapped for your loved one. Sieve is our extraordinary gift box, and is wrapped as per customer’s request. So, if you want your Peshtemal products in a sieve, let us know while placing the order! You can also ask us to not to paint them and you can paint them as you wish. Our extraordinary gift box and extraordinary usage too!

Have fun with these fantastic and fun ideas of using a grain sieve for DIY decoration for your home and workplace! And don’t forget to share your pictures with us. We’d love to see them.

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