Wash & Care Instructions

How To Wash Turkish Towels ?

Cotton is getting more soften and adsorbent by every wash, so that we recommend that you wash before first use which will ensure they soften and improve absorbency.  To the best efficiency,  before the washing, soak them in cold water overnight to improve softness. Peshtemal products should be washed in 30 degree cold water or warm water to prevent tearing of the fabric avoid bleach. Fabric softeners will reduce absorbency so that also avoid them.

Bamboo fiber is extremely soft, natural fiber, which gives a cool feeling. There is close to silk and cashmere texture and a natural anti-bacterial properties. Bamboo Peshtemal require more precise handling than the cotton thread.

Removing stains on your Peshtemal, we recommend a solution of baking soda and vinegar rubbed on the stain before washing.

To more shining add white vinegar to your wash.

Drying Advice

Line drying is the best , but you can also dry in the dryer on low heat.

Enjoy to have a Peshtemal...


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