Affordable Turkish Towels You Need For Summer 2021! (Coupon Code Included!)

If you haven't hopped on the Turkish towel craze, you're probably the only person left to do so! It's ok, in this blog we will tell you exactly why Turkish towels are the best investment. 

It's summer for all intent and purposes, we cannot wait till June! So you will need some amazing hand towels, kitchen towels, bath towels, and of course new beach towels. 

No worries we have you covered, keep reading to find everything you need for the summer and a coupon code for 15%!

What are Turkish towels?

Towels made from Turkish cotton are well... Turkish towels as the name suggests. They are also called Peshtemal, Hammam, or Fouta towels. They're a fan favorite because of the premium quality cotton that has extra-long fibers. This makes them stronger, smoother, and more absorbent than other towels. 

Undoubtedly our favorite feature, however, is that they only get softer, fluffier, and more absorbent after subsequent washing! Talk about a product that keeps on giving. 

Ready to get your hands on some? You can find good-quality Turkish towels online but it takes some time to find one that is 100% Turkish cotton instead of a cheap knockoff. Don't worry we have only the best stuff for you!

Usually, Turkish towels come in stripes and geometric patterns in muted colors. If you're a fan of some color and exciting prints, for co-coordinating everything in your house these designs will be a hit with you!

Check out our top picks below:

  1. Beyza Turkish Cotton Towel

The Beyza Turkish Cotton Towel comes in 3 different color block combinations of mint-green, blue-gray, and beige-melon. Our pick would be mint green because of its earthy tones that can spice up your bathroom in seconds! 

  1. Ahsen Turkish Cotton Towel

What’s not to love about the Ahsen Turkish Cotton Towels? They come in 8 different bright colors, so you have plenty to choose from. The gorgeous tribal-inspired geometric print is to die for! 

This Turkish Fouta is so luscious and shiny you can even use it as a scarf! Talk about the perfect Turkish towel for women you need now. 

  1. Yaren Turkish Towel

The Yaren Peshtemal towel is 70% cotton and 30% Bamboo. These make the best beach towels as they’re quick-drying and super-absorbent! Plus they come in 2 vivid colors. The tie-dye stripe design makes this a must-have! 

The vibrant orange is our favorite because it immediately reminds you of summer!

  1. MILA Turkish Cotton Towel 

This one is for minimalism lovers. The plain and simple design with the toned-down colors makes it a basic essential every household should have. All fringes are knotted by ladies in the village which means you can rest assured that the knots won’t open after washing! Buy these here. 

  1. Alev Turkish Towel

The Alev Turkish Towel comes in 3 colors with every color dyed at the end of the towel to give a sophisticated yet playful look. This Turkish towel for women is perfect for holidays or gym since they are super light making them travel-friendly. 

  1. Çiçek Turkish Cotton Towel

Available in 6 vibrant colors with a stunning print unlike any you’ve seen before! The Çiçek Turkish Cotton Towel will make beautiful table cloth or kitchen cloth, you know so you can show off their pretty print in all its glory. 

TIP: Soak your towels overnight in cold water before washing them for the first time to help them develop their maximum absorbency. Don’t use fabric softener, tumble dry, or preferably air dry. 

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How exciting! You can use this coupon code to buy a gift for someone you want to show your appreciation to. After all, at Peshce we believe, “It is not a gift. More than it!” Have fun shopping!

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