The Best Turkish Towels for all your needs

Looking for the best Turkish towels online to give to your loved ones? You are at the correct place now for that. 

When it comes to buying premium quality towels, the first and foremost name that comes to mind is Turkish towels. The best cotton Turkish towels are famous for providing the best quality fabric and with features to meet your dear one’s demand.

You can even give Turkish towels or robes to your loved ones. They’ll love it. Turkish towels like bath towels, hand towels, beach towels, gym towels, bath sheets, and many more are a very good option as well for gifting purposes.

What is a Turkish towel?

A Turkish towel is a traditional thin soft towel made of Turkish cotton. But it’s not the only thing that separates a Turkish towel from other towels. These towels, as you will notice, are designed with very long cotton fibers. This dimension keeps the towels quite strong, absorbent, dries faster, and softens them over time. 

PESHCE is very well-known for offering the best Turkish towels online. Besides turkish towels for women & men, we even provide a Home range, Beachwear, Roundies, Bath range, Kids selection, and Handcrafted Goodies.

Here are a few assorted Turkish towels in different sizes and categories. 

  1. Turkish Beach Towels

It’s time for beach visits as summers are near. Which means your girl gang is gearing up for a beach picnic soon! Well, beach towels are probably the ones with superiorly absorbent, quick-dry up, and lastly extremely lightweight. That too suitable for hiking, swimming, or prove to be your go-to stuff for vacation and are travel-friendly too. 

MILA Turkish Cotton Towel Beige will prove to be apt for this purpose. This 100% cotton Turkish towel is a summer staple. You can prefer it as your bath towel too. Tie it around to make it look like a beach sarong! 

Oygun (Beige) Round Towels are around thick Turkish beach towels with rapid drying and speedy absorbing properties. This is made up of 100% Turkish cotton with fringe. Make it your beach mat this season!

Peshce Turkish Cotton Towel Khaki will be a better choice as beach towels for women. This commodity comes under Turkish towels for women. It’s exclusively made in Turkey and used by women as Hammam towels. 

Yaren Turkish towel this towel is made up of 70% cotton and 30% bamboo. This is the best beach towel for your forte. You can give it to your beloved and get them ready to go on vacation at beaches.

  1. Turkish Small towels 

A traditional (Peshkir) small Turkish towel is used for hundreds of years in the Turkish Hammams. They are idealized as blankets, towels, head towels, etc. They can be used in your kitchens and bathrooms. They better absorb water dry faster. They often occupy less space, are easily transported and can be used in bathrooms, pools, spas, beaches, and a fitness center as an alternative to towels. 

We all know that hand towels are outstanding for different needs. Hand towels are the most often used for daily purposes. 

Yasmin Bordeaux Hand towel is light and space-effective. Contrary to other towels, with each wash and use, the smoother and succulent it gets. You can even use it for travel towels or decorative while serving.

 Dilruba Purple Small Towel is the best small towel for multi-purpose requirements. This is hand-loomed in turkey.

Bahar Royal Blue Kitchen Towel is the specially designed kitchen towel that holds the property to cleanse the kitchen's oily and dirty countertops.

  1. Turkish Bath Towels 

The Turkish cotton towels are better than any other. Turkish bath towels are the highest-demanded towels around the world. Here, we have some amazing collections for you too.

Mihri Turkish Cotton Towel is a bath towel made of 100% cotton. This one is sort of weightless but stylish too. You can drape it as a cotton scarf on any outfit. It’s also called a fouta hammam towel.

Gediz Turkish Cotton Towel is the best peshtemal bath towels that have a shinier and softer surface than others. You can carry it in a bag as it contains less space.

Ahu Ela Turkish Towel has a peshtemal towel that is block printed. It always remains shiny and softy. And produced with 70% Turkish cotton and 30% linen. 

Hope that you get your essential Turkish towel according to various needs. These are just glimpses of the whole collection of Turkish towels. You can explore numerous similar products on our website. 

Start shopping to gift your friends or spouse with flawless Turkish towels or bathrobes. Remember, it is not just a gift, it is more than it! For more Turkish towels range visit P E S H C E today.

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