Behind The Story

A big part of the story behind P E S H C E is that the co-founders didn’t just quit their well-paying jobs to run a successful eCommerce business, but they also made a conscious decision to be a different kind of company that highlights the Turkish style of weaving and textile and give a global platform to the traditional Turkish Peshtemal.

This was sometime in 2016 when two friends Zekiye-Alev decided to establish something of their own. At that time, they were working in a big company as a Project Manager and Programmer, respectively. Hence, quitting their respective jobs and following their dream was a big risk, but they did it anyway. It was a cold winter day, when they both sat together, brainstorming ideas. It was then when they remembered a scene they saw during their time in a small village. It was an of a village woman weaving a Peshtemal. Her hand movements were like magic! The intricacy, the concentration and her fingers which moved effortlessly and lucidly, everything about the weaving process was magical!



The two women entrepreneurs had found their idea and they started giving shape to it. The Turkish Peshtemal is basically a traditional towel that is almost seven hundred years old and holds an important position in Turkey’s tradition. Turkey’s history marks the contribution of Turkish men and women who gave all their patience, effort, emotions and energy in making the Peshtemal with their hands. Now those skillful artisans no longer exist, but their artwork still exists and continues to bring warmth and happiness into people’s lives.

P E S H C E is also making the same effort. They want to keep the art of weaving Peshtemals alive and want to touch lives with its warmth and comfort. Since, May 2017, Zekiye is running the business herself. Individually, she is offering the world with unique weaving products that give the best comfort in everyday living. Besides their main product "Peshtemal", P E S H C E offers home & living collection, beachwear, and bath collection. They also ship their products worldwide.

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