Turkish Towels – What Are They and How Are They Different?

You probably might have heard many people sing praises of Turkish towels. But, what are Turkish towels exactly and what makes them different than radula towels? Here’s a blog post to make you understand everything about Turkish towels and why so many people are fans of them.

What are Turkish Towels?

A Turkish towel is a unique towel from Turkey that are used in a wide range of settings - at the beach, as a travel companion, at the pool or spa, during gym or yoga classes or conventionally as a Turkish Bath Towel Tunic. These towels are unique because they are made of 100% cotton, and naturally, are extremely soft. In contrast to normal towels, Turkish towels’ softness increases with wear and washes.

These towels are known by various names, the most famous of which is Peshtemal. Peshtemal is a traditional Turkish name and has a history of nearly 600 years. Typically, a Peshtemal is a flat-woven towel with hand fringes, generally made from Turkish cotton. The Peshtemal, also known as the Hammam has an important place in the Turkish bath experience. The hand towel version of the Turkish kitchen towels is called Peshkir.

How are Turkish towels produced?

Turkish towels are made using premium natural Turkish cotton that have extra long cotton fibers. Long cotton fibers mean that there are less joins which makes Turkish towels more durable and softer than regular towels. These Turkish towels are produced by Turkish families who have learnt their art from their ancestors. The cotton is farmed from in Turkey’s eastern Black sea and Aegean regions, after which the cotton undergoes the dying process to be woven into towels.

Since generations, Turkish towels were handmade using the traditional handloom. Nowadays, Turkish towels are also made using machine looms.

What makes the Turkish towels stand apart?

The most important factor in which the Turkish bath towels and Turkish kitchen towels beat ordinary towels is design and style. Turkish towels are available in splendid patterns, colors, and designs. The designs are flamboyant but not haughty, and they are very appealing. Which is why the Turkish towels are not just used as a boring bath towel, but as a fashion accessory. People flaunt their Turkish towels at the beach, at the gym or even use it as a piece of home décor. Even the sub products made from the Peshtemal, like the Turkish bath towel tunic, have soft pastel colors and simpler patterns like triangles or stripes. These minor difference makes the Turkish towels extremely classy and trendy.

Turkish Bath Towel Tunic

These towels are also a lot more practical than regular towels. They are typically larger in size, but due to their different fabric, they can be folded into a very small size which easily fits in a beach bag or purse. Other practical features include;

  • They are highly absorbent
  • They are quick to dry and don’t release a musty smell.
  • They don’t catch mildew.
  • They are light weight and don’t require laundering as often.
  • They hardly take up any space in the closet or bag.

Where can you find the best Turkish towels?

P E S H C E is a Turkish Peshkir hammam towel company, offering a wide range of Peshtemal products. Other than the traditional Turkish towel, P E S H C E offers roundies, Peshkir, robes, beachwear, home and living and other collections.

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