Donation of PESHCE Items for Children Cancer Research

PESHCE’s story started almost two years ago. Two friends Zekiye and Alev figured to change their lives. At that moment, Zekiye was a project manager and Alev was a programmer working in a major organization. It was a freezing winter day, and we were out to look for some ideas. On the way, we saw ladies weaving a peshtemal in one little town. We were surprised to see the enchanting developments that their hands knitted. The natural beauty made us fall in love with the work; hence, PESHCE came into existence.

Talking about the recent past, Zekiye is running this show, and she is putting forth the world with one of a kind weaving items that give the best solace in our routine lives. PESHCE's main product is the “Peshtemal,” besides we also have the Home collection, Beachwear, bathrobes, Kids clothing, and bath collection. We believe in giving it out to the world, so we provide worldwide shipping!

Peshtemal is the traditional Turkish Towel used by ancient turkish people. It is basically a woven cloth that is utilized to wrap the body in the hammam or after a bath. It comes with a history of about seven hundred years in Turkey. It has great importance in the Turkish culture. You may find the same thing being used in many forms like Kikoy, Kangas, Fouta, Sarong, or Shukas. These Turkish Peshtemal by PESHCE are famous in the market because of its amazing benefits like:

    • Larger in Size
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Dries out fast
    • Naturally made
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Versatile usage
    • Absorbs water fast

You can use these as Bath Towel, Beach Towel, Table Cloth, Hammam Towel, Gym Towel, Spa Towel, Pool Towel, Scarf, Sarong, Pareo, Fouta, Runner, throw blankets or even sarongs. Buying this would be a classic and sophisticated choice!

This peshtemal are hand loomed in Turkey, and the ladies of the village knot the fringes. We have always believed in giving it back to our community. Hence, we contribute our bit to children who have cancer. Every second of a cancer patient’s life is intolerable, has lasting pain devoid of any love. PESHCE extends its warmness by giving its products to these strong children who have taken this journey of bravery. Children are the future of any nation, and they can save the culture from vanishing away in the dark. This Peshtemal is a gift to the Turkish culture, and gifting PESHCE products to the children ensures us that the Turkish Peshtemal will always prevail. Thus, working our way out to give it back to the community and yet conserve the Turkish culture.

These ageless lines of the classic collection are donated to a hospital in the U.S. which does research for children suffering from cancer. The Jude Children Research Hospital organizes a huge gala on weekend for two days and their aim is to collect money for research purpose. This is a divine purpose and PESHCE always has believed in preserving its culture, be it Peshtemal towels or young lives. This gala has many activities for children and there are many unique items for sale too. This hospital is located in the city of Lowell, MA. We hope and pray that this noble cause achieves its aim to make this world cancer free for children!

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