What Quirky Products Can You Sell Online?

If you are a retailer or an ecommerce seller, then you are quite familiar with the pressure to include quirky and stand-apart products in your product range. And given the fact that nowadays, almost everything is available online, the pressure is fierce. If you have come to this page looking for an idea, then you have come to the right place.

turkish towels

Have you heard about the Turkish Peshtemal? For those who have not, a Turkish Peshtemal is a Turkish handwoven towel made from 100% cotton. These towels are nowhere close to the towels most people use for everyday purposes. They come in attractive designs, patterns and colors and can be used as a Bohemian scarf, beach towel or even as a decorative tapestry! Yes, they are that good-looking!

The best Turkish towels, popularly known as Peshtemal or Hammam can be found at P E S H C E – A Turkish towel company offering a wide range of Turkish towels with worldwide shipping.

What makes them different?

Other than being super fashionable, these Turkish towels are also very useful. They come in various types and subtypes, among which the roundies and Peshkirs are the most sought after. Roundies wholesale can also be found on P E S H C E. These towels are light weight, highly absorbent, easy to dry and super soft. Given the fact that customers love products with multiple usages, the Turkish towel just cannot disappoint!

Exclusive Sales

An ordinary towel’s purpose is to just dry out your body but Turkish towels changes are so much more than that. It is a fashion accessory which your customers can flaunt at the beach, spa or gym and it is also a piece of home décor which looks scintillating when placed on a table or couch. So, in a way, Turkish towels can be included in both bath products and home and living products.

P E S H C E – Roundies wholesale and wholesale Peshtemal Towels

P E S H C E offers a wide range of Turkish towels, in different types, colors and patterns. Our sub category of Peshtemals include beachwear, bathrobes, kitchen towels, kids wear and more. We offer the best quality of Turkish towels at competitive wholesale pricing. This Turkish towel company offers worldwide shipping, hence, no matter which country you are in, if you want to include this niche item in your product range and be quirky, P E S H C E helps you do so.

There are a couple of shower Hammam wholesale sellers, however, at P E S H C E we aim at fostering long term relations with our clients. We give top priority to quality and customer satisfaction and hence, build close ties with our clients by offering the best services.

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