Everything You Need To Know About Turkish Bath

Have you ever heard about the famous Turkish bath culture (earlier known as Hammam)? It is even known in Turkish as “Turk Hamami”. A Turkish bath, or hammam, is more than just a way to get clean; it is also a ritualistic experience. The Hammam culture, which dates back to ancient times, has a soothing and detoxifying effect on the body.

Therefore, before you determine a bathrobe for your spa, hammam, or bath time from Peshce. Let us first take you to that ancient Turkish Bath culture. 

What is Turkish Bath?

The term Hammam (Turkish Bath) derives from Arabic and indicates "heating and being warm." The Turks, especially Ottomans have adapted heavily from Greek and Roman cultures and made it their own.

Earlier, the Turkish bath was even more than a place to cleanse one's skin. It was integrally linked to everyday life, a place where individuals of all ranks and stations, young and old, rich and poor, townspeople and villagers, could freely gather.

People used to bring their peshtemal Turkish clothes with them. It has become a ritual to wrap peshtemal while you have a Turkish bath. And somehow the bathrobe idea has also had its significance due to hammams.

Modern Hammam Experience

The Turkish bath incorporates the Roman bath technique with the Asian steam bath method. The bath consists of a large central hall of tidy marble warmed by steam from beneath and within the hall.

Inside the hall, you can lie down on the warm marble and allow the specialist masseuse to perform a Turkish bath massage with a loaf and organic soap. The steam will relax your whole body and wipe out any pain or spasms in your body.

A Turkish bath is an ideal treatment for stress and unpleasant physiological responses. Perhaps, because of its calming and all-around relaxing effect of hot vapor on both mind and body.

The difference in Turkish baths is not only in the way the bath performs but also in the dry heat rooms. These are small halls in which you can sit for 10-15 minutes and work up a sweat.

After completing the dry heat rooms, you can proceed to a large common pool made of marble with tall ceilings and skylight lighting the room from the top to add a leisurely finishing touch to the atmosphere. Spending time in this room will let you forget about all the worries and tension.

Wrap Up

So, this is what a special Turkish bath is all about. You should have once got the experience of having such a pleasant hammam bath. And with that don’t forget to carry your Turkish towel with you. We have a good collection of Turkish bath towels and robes for you guys.

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