Terry Cloth Vs. Cotton: Which Bathrobe Will You Choose?

Relaxing in a cozy bathrobe is like getting a gentle hug from your loved one. Bathrobes are among the very personal and go-to outfits for comfortable me-time. They are handy to wear on lazy weekends, cozy mornings, even for resting on the couch for no reason. Overall, robes can be your perfect partner during lazy and sleepy moments.

If we talk about type then one of the oldest types would be peshtemal in Turkey. Peshtemal is the finest and classical fabric for bathrobes that is nearly 700 years old and plays an important role in Turkish tradition and culture. Hence, it will provide the excellence of pure historic heritage in the form of a robe. They are less space-consuming, which eliminates the hassle for women to fit in their handbags.

The most significant factor to consider when purchasing the ideal bathrobe for you would be that it absorbs moisture well. It helps you feel warm when wrapped around you and looks fantastic on you.

Bathrobes are available in a wide range of fabrics, designs, and features, but the two most popular are terry cloth bathrobes and cotton bathrobes. Both have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. If you are looking for bathrobes and are confused about them, we will guide you through them.

Let’s have a look at them to find the ideal one for you;

  1. Terry Cloth Bathrobes

Terry cloth is a kind of cotton that has looping patterns woven into it. Terry cloth, in addition to cotton, can contain a polyester mixture. They have loops that are woven on a loom to create a soft and fluffy fabric. The lengths of the loops ascertain moisture-absorbing capacity.

In other words, A decent terry robe has thick, uncut loops that offer it a cozy, slightly heavier appearance. Moreover, this fabric is also used in towels and as robes at spas and hotels.

  1. Cotton Bathrobes

Cotton bathrobes are made from natural cotton fiber. Cotton bathrobes are incredibly versatile and their length determines the quality of robes. The longer fiber length and highly absorbent are the key features of cotton bathrobes. And our Turkish cotton bathrobes are of superior quality made from 100% natural Turkish cotton fibers.

Cotton bathrobes are lightweight, soft, and eco-friendly. And last but not least cotton bathrobes are superbly comfortable than any other robes. They get softer with every wash and last way longer.

PESHCE offers a top-quality Turkish bathrobes collection. We have a broad range of robes for both men and women. You will just love the collection. They are better used as a gift to your friends and family.

Wrap up

However, picking between terry and cotton robes is a never-ending discussion. Because both have good properties and are selected as per individuals’ own preferences.

Although, we can recommend getting one from both types would be good. You can pick the terry cloth one for winters as they are thick and warmer than a cotton robe. And a cotton robe for summers as they are the apt fiber to wear during that season.

We wrap up with this today. Hope this blog post helped you to get the robe for your requirements.

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