Find your calm during this time of chaos!

As we all know, we are going through a crucial phase, COVID19 has taken the world by storm. But do not forget the time shall pass, and so will this pandemic. In this Quarantine time, we are at our homes, most of us working from home and some trying to engage in different activities. While we are going through all this, it's just about how we stay motivated and how we bring happiness in our lives.

It depends on us how we are going to face this situation. Instead of being stressed and afraid, we could perhaps take this opportunity to start something new, or we can catch up with the hobbies that may have been missed by us in our routine. Each and every moment is essential, and to appreciate it is even more important. Happiness is pretty powerful. It encourages us to do the impossible, and it makes us hold on in times of difficulty.

Let’s know something more about our current situation. Coronavirus illness causes a respiratory condition as flu with symptoms like dry cough, fever and trouble in breathing in more extreme cases. One should protect themselves by constantly washing hands at definite intervals, avoid rubbing your face and avoiding direct contact with the unwell people. By following the below mentioned advises we can protect ourselves from Covid-19:

  1. Stay home
  2. Keep safe distance
  3. Wash hands often
  4. Cover your mouth while coughing

Take care of Cleanliness

Frequent and good hand washing is one of the most effective steps which can be used to avoid COVID-19 virus infection. What can be a better reminder than soft Peshce towels of washing hands at definite intervals. liquid soap and running water, or hand rubbing based on alcohol can be used. Washing hands kills germs and keep us protected. Also, do not miss on your clothes and peshtemals should be laundered using hot water and completely dried before re-use.

Appreciate others efforts

We could gift our loved ones with Peshtemal Turkish towel. These are traditional Turkish bath towels and can be used in various places. They also can be used in the interior of the house and in many areas of life. They come with different soft and vibrant colors that bring joy and comfort to the ones who receive them. Cotton, Bamboo, Polycotton, bamboo and cotton, linen, etc. are the different varieties of Peshtemal which one could select from according to their choice. The most important features of these Turkish towels are they are highly absorbent, dries very quickly, takes up less space, and are lightweight. We must also appreciate the work of health workers working around us to fight against this virus. We can together bring joy and happiness to their lives by gifting them a token of love like Mini Towel and make them feel appreciated.

Cozy Family spot

The sky is not falling, and life will return to normal. In this state of lockdown, we all might have the same question of how to make most of this time. We all have different favorite spots in our homes, and as we are at home with our family, we may be hanging out most at these places. Make everybody's favorite coziest place in your home livelier with our Turkish blankets! Using these beautiful modern yet traditional Turkish bedsheets can make your family time more enjoyable and refreshing. It is advisable to rest and conduct social distancing, which can be the better way of acting on that than a pleasant tight sleep. Hatun Blankets and Damla Throw and pillows are made of high-quality 100% pure cotton and are very soft and give you a comfortable sleep. These can be used for your own joy as well as it can be a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Pamper yourself

We would like to dress in the most comfortable attire we can with a lot going around us. Peshtemal robes are incredibly light and comfortable one which you can wear at home. Also, being super absorbent, it dries quickly without taking your much time. The more you wash and use them, the more gentle and lovely Turkish robe becomes. Their different styles keep you as trendy as ever.

We should embrace and not fear the change that is knocking at the doors of the earth, the chaos of the pandemic of coronavirus teaches us to work in a way to sustain life, not threaten it. Spread happiness and joy even in this time of the pandemic. Stay happy and make your loved ones happy by appreciating their efforts with a gift.

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