A guide to know how Bath Towels and Bath sheets differ!

What could be more comfortable than being wrapped in a plush Turkish peshtemal towel after a hot bath or shower? While looking for such bath linens you might have come across bath towels and bath sheets both. Yeah, you got it right, they're both different and we'd see further how that's supposed to be. We're here to help you find the most suitable lifestyle choice for your home.

A bath towel is a common towel that we use and that we always see, gracing our towel racks. They can be used after a bath to scrub or wipe your body clean, but they are usually a little tiny to wrap around an adult 's body depending on the manufacturer. Let’s have a look at what makes a bath towel different from a bath sheet.

How do a towel and a bath sheet differ?

Their respective sizes are the main point of difference between them. Bath sheets are bigger and thicker than towels for baths, which provide improved coverage and absorption. The optimal size of the bath towel is 27 "x 52." The bath sheets usually amount to approximately 35 "x 60". Depending on your need of towel after bath one can decide on whether to go for a bath towel or bath sheet. When you only need one towel to dry your body, then a bath towel is the ideal fit. But if your towel doesn't completely cover your body and you find it hard to dry yourself with only one towel a bath sheet will be more effective for you. Now that we know about some basic difference read on to know more about them.

Bath Towel:

Bath towels are the traditional choice for bath linens, so they seem more popular and are used more often. A Turkish peshtemal towel is a unique bath towel that is used in a wide range of settings like at the beach, as a travel companion, at the pool or spa towels, even during gym or yoga classes or as a Turkish Bath Towel Robe conventionally. Peshce’s peshtemal towels are unique as that they are made of 100 % cotton, and of course, they are incredibly soft. Unlike normal towels, the softness of the Turkish towels increases with every wash. Their magnificent colours, patterns and designs differentiate them from the rest. While towels for the bath are smaller than bath sheets, they can be perfect in size and give great absorption as well.

Benefits of Turkish bath towels:

  • Highly absorbent
  • Fast to dry and a musty smell doesn't come off
  • Light in weight and hardly take any space
  • Bath towels are highly versatile and can be used to wrap and dry your hair

Bath Sheets:

A bath sheet has a wider area to dry off, so it's more absorbent than towels. Bath sheets are a better choice for you if you consider that a single bath towel isn't appropriate. They are great to wrap around your body if you need proper coverage or more. After drying, some also wear it around their waists and lounge a little in it. The bath sheets absorb in more amount of water compared to a bath towel. Plus, it folds and stacks quickly into tiny spaces. 

Benefits of bath sheet:

  • Bath sheets are bigger in size and more absorbent
  • Due to their size and comfort, they are usually more costly
  • Good for wrapping around your body but too big to wrap your hair
  • Bath sheets can also serve as beach towel.
We hope this guide will help you find the right bath linen that could be a great match for yourself as well as a perfect gift for your loved ones. If looking for more you can visit Peshce, Turkish towel company which offers a wide range of Peshtemal products. Other than the traditional and best Turkish towels, Peshce offers collections of roundies, Turkish blanket, Peshkir which can also be used as baby towel, peshtemal robe, Turkish hand towels, beachwear, home and living, and more.

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