International Women’s day 2019

It's extraordinary and mind-blowing that a woman assumes different roles and that too with affection and total enthusiasm. "Lady," she is a mother, a sister, a spouse, a little girl and the most committed representative at her workplace too. She is undoubtedly the pillar of the society on whose shoulders there is the onus to take forward the existence of humankind in a smoother way. She is liberal, energetic, and daring and she has an answer for every issue.

In 1908, ladies in New York held demonstrations requesting the rights to vote, a good pay scale and better working conditions. As an honour of the fight and their courage, the Socialist Party of America pronounced February 28, 1909, as the Women’s day.

In August 1910 a gathering of about 100 women from 17 nations happened in Copenhagen in Denmark. In that gathering, the proposition of proclaiming a day as International Women's Day was put forward. No date was fixed yet truly, just the idea appeared. Numerous progressions occurred far and wide concerning this thought. In the year 1975, the concept of observing International Women's day was received by the United Nations. Until 1977 Women's day was seen in communist nations only. Later, the United Nations celebrated women’s day by adopting annual subjects, and thus ladies from all over the world started to celebrate 8th March as International Women’s day.

Modern women in this era have exceeded expectations in all fields from family to administrative issues and management. They are setting new benchmarks in varying backgrounds. Ladies have vanquished new skylines. PESHCE has always believed in their magical abilities. These women can handle a huge house, so they would be able to scale the highest summit or outer space.

PESHCE gives priority to women when it comes to designing, planning, executing or managing our services. The International Women's Day – 8 March has been around for over a century. It is drawn closer in different ways, as indicated by social contexts and chronicled past; be that as it may, the focal point has always remained to respect and value their achievements. In the course of the most recent five years, ladies everywhere throughout the world have fought the battle of stereotypes and man controlled society. Regardless of whether it's widow remarriage or teaching the little kids, ladies are breaking the glass ceiling!

At PESHCE, we believe in the powers of women. Our majority of products are hand made by women who are willing to work and earn a living. PESHCE chooses women who wish to soar high and make a difference to partner in different tasks and departments. Recently, we have introduced the crochet basket which is exclusively hand made by women. The product is soon to launch on our website in the coming women’s day month!

Our production team is formed by women and for women. We try our best to help them by providing them with jobs. PESHCE is so dedicated to the welfare of women that even our new products are chosen according to women’s choices because we believe that when women support each other, amazing and incredible things ought to happen!

So, here’s to the strong women,

May we know them,

May we be them,

May we raise them!

Also, for all your or you beautiful ladies out there, don’t forget to shop on PESHCE at 35% off starting from March 01, 2019!

Happy International Women’s day!

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