Turkish Peshtemal gifts for Valentine’s 2019

Valentine’s month is here! Love is an extraordinary and personal feeling. With Valentine’s coming closer, we all start to search for gifts that we can give to your beloveds. Give this fantastic day a gift that they would cherish their whole life. Valentine’s doesn’t mean that you can gift things to your significant other, but also to your kids, parents, friends, your home, and not to miss, yourself too!

Each relationship is extraordinary, and the kinds of gifts that are right for you will vary also. Regardless of your relationship, PESHCE has Valentine’s day gifts that will help you spread the love this season.

Turkish towels are turning out to be people's favourite item to gift, and it is developing day after day. Let’s check out some bestseller Turkish peshtemal products:

Turkish Roundie: 

Usually, Turkish towels are rectangular, but now they’ve got a new style. Now, you will see the new luxurious roundie peshtemals with fringes to embellish homes, bathrooms, as picnic mats and on beaches. The Turkish towel which has a history of more than 600 years is found with fringes, are thin and durable. These peshtemal roundies are very well aware of the Turkish bath culture because of its light-weightiness, style, absorbent and quick drying, space-saving features.

Traditional peshtemal presently meets contemporary culture and turn into a piece of our lives by pushing limits with different shapes like roundies. They make a perfect gift for Valentine’s for your travel friends, your mother, or just as décor for your home sweet home!

Peshtemal Turkish towel: 

These are not just bath towels but can be worn as a sarong on a beach, used as a throw, as a scarf, hammam towel, runner, gym towel and so forth. These Turkish towels are versatile! Gift these to your loved ones, and let them come up with a new usage every time.

Turkish Towel Blanket: 

Is it true that you are one of those individuals who can hardly wait to give unique gifts to their relatives? Ageless and multi-purpose Turkish towel blanket is an ideal blank slate to convey your sentiments to your friends and family this Valentine’s season. The cotton threads of this cultural heritage towel take into account style and solace with an exclusive weave. Amazingly large Turkish towel blanket is fit for utilizing as a beach blanket, outing blanket, and fantastic home enhancement material.

Kids Poncho: 

A smart robe for the surfer and swimmer kids. Ponchos or beach dress for children that molded from real Turkish cotton among the most famous gifts. Hooded long poncho is the most required kids clothing item especially for beach or pool, in the surf or even after a shower. This Valentine’s present keeps the kids' body dry and their heart warm.

Available in cute colours, sizes and designs on PESHCE.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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