Minimalism Living with Turkish Towels

In today’s world, everything is mass produced, thanks to machineries. A lot of surplus items are frequently reduced down for sale, causing buyers to gradually accumulate more and more items. We eventually find ourselves having to clean out the storage closet for even a little bit of extra room. To avoid the stress and unnecessary clutter, people are moving towards an old-age trend of using minimalist products.

The lifestyle of minimalists is way easier and it is a budget-friendly technique to fulfill more desires at less expense. It even teaches you to value every single thing and utilize it optimally. By being a minimalist, you are less of a hoarder, you are a sensible consumer that believes in ‘Less Stuff, Less Clutter’ which eventually helps you save!

And guess what? Turkish Towel is every minimalist's dream! It is a minimalists’ must-have stuff for a living.

PESHCE is a leading turkish towel manufacturer for the best Turkish towels and home decor products. We have a huge collection of minimalist Turkish towels - one towel many uses. Our Turkish towels can be best fitted for your minimalistic lifestyle. We have a numerous variety of Peshtemal products that will freshen up your wardrobe too. Our latest products are throw blankets, accessories, toddlers’ collection, beach wears, etc. Let me show some for giving you better insights on minimalism variety;

Dalya Turkish Cotton Towel Red is one that is popular and perfect for minimalistic culture. It can be utilized in various ways like a sarong, beach towel, table cloth, hammam towel, pareo, scarf, etc. purposes.

The DALYA Peshtemal Turkish cotton towels are made in Turkey from 100% Turkish cotton. It is so artistic that they would complement your decor. Its Peshtemals have outer edges knotted by village women.

You can take it on holidays, camping, at spas, gyms, swimming, and even for home decors. It has quick drying up and absorbency features that make it popular among people.

Bade Turkish Cotton Towel Orange is more travel-friendly for taking little space. It is compact and fits in less area. It is ideal for use as spa towels because they dry quickly and are extremely absorbent. It is appropriate to use as a beach towel. With each wash, it becomes smooth and more luscious.

It is suitable for gym towels, runners, pool towels, and many more purposes. This towel is mildly thicker than standard Turkish towels, making it desirable for use as a throw blanket or bath towel.

Göksu Round Towels are made up of high-quality natural Turkish cotton. They are light and compact, and can be utilized as a Turkish tablecloth.

These round beach towels are handwoven in Turkey. The dyed yarn is used to make this product. All fringes are woven by village ladies.

 This product is super absorbent and less space-consuming. It gets fluffier with every wash and has a long-lasting feature. It is available in variety of colors.

The above-mentioned products are just a glimpse of the best Turkish towel collection. PESHCE has a huge variety of Turkish cotton products like Peshkir towels, beach towels, roundies, throws & blankets and so on.

Our products can be the perfect choice for gifting purposes. Especially to ladies, these Turkish towels will surely make a good impression on them. You can even get ideas on which are ways to wear Turkish Peshtemal towels. Try out the latest collection now!! 


Remember it’s not just a gift, it’s more than it!

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