The Ultimate Turkish Towel Wash & Care Guide

Turkish towels or Peshtemal Turkish cotton towels are indeed the most popular and luxurious towels. Do you know why? Well, because of its diverse features; but the most prominent is its durability and lusciousness with every wash and use. 

Turkish cotton has a longer fiber, which makes it firmer when spun into a string and less prone to break. Such long cotton fibers make towels more absorbent and soft as they are washed. However, to keep the towels as new as possible, it should be washed properly. 

We have made a step-by-step process for the care and wash of your Turkish towels. Bookmark this page for future reference when you are washing your precious turkish towels from PESHCE. 


1. Before first use 

Before using it for the very first time, let it soak in cold water for 12 hours. We advise soaking it in a good amount of water overnight. This permits the cotton fibers to bloom and enlarge, resulting in the best absorbency and gentleness. Squeeze out the towel and hang it to dry.


2. After every use

Always wash your Turkish towel with comparable colors in cold or moderate heat water on a gentle cycle. Don’t use bleach or fabric softener, it will make your towel less absorbent. Once a month or so, add a cup of white vinegar to the wash to eliminate extra detergent.

The pro thing about these towels is that they quickly dry up. Air drying is a better option to maintain the towel quality. If you want to dry your towel in the machine, set it to low to medium heat.


3. After wash care

Along with washing and drying your towels, iron them on a regular basis. To remove any unnecessary wrinkles, use a warm iron gently. Occasionally, you may see the thread getting loose on your towels. If this happens, immediately cut the affected thread. Because of the way the fabric is woven, the towel will not untangle if a thread becomes intricate.

Following these steps will ensure that your Turkish towels remain soft and new for as long as you utilize them. Turkish towels can sustain only if you properly care for them. 


The above washing process is ideal for Turkish towels because it helps in maintaining its high-quality fluffiness for a longer time period. 

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