Organic an eco-friendly approach!

With the increasingly shifting world around us, organic living is becoming an accepted lifestyle to which more and more individuals relate. It's more than just being a trend. If you are trying to add a more sustainable approach to your lifestyle it is advisable to start from the smallest. What can be easier than simply changing your sheets, hand towels, or bath towels to organic ones? Always starting from the basic help. Turkish towels often referred to as Pestemal, are the most trendy, realistic towels around.  

As no genetically engineered seeds are used and cotton is cultivated without the use of pesticides and other synthetic chemicals, organic cotton is a safe alternative for weaving towels. Organic farming activities help reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change by banning the use of petroleum-based fertilizers and absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. Turkish organic cotton is more breathable and softer as it has long staples and hasn’t been processed with harmful chemicals. We have gathered some information that will help you to make the right decision with your organic cotton towels.

Tips for organic towels  

  • Towels are an essential part of our day-to-day life. But when we talk about the organic towel it can be quite tricky to choose as there are a variety of options available today. We have gathered a few points that could help you make a decision.
  • 100% Organic Cotton - Organic cotton towels, especially of Turkish origin and certified are considered to be of the highest quality. Having extra-long fibres, Turkish cotton is extremely absorbent. Towels made from it have a comfortable feel and are a good choice for regular use.
  • Ideal GSM - Make sure you choose the right GSM towels when buying organic towels. Hand towels should preferably be about 400gsm and towels should be over 500gsm. This means the towels are smooth, absorbent, and appropriate for their manufacturing.  
  • Buying from a reliable source - The best sources are either online or in stores to purchase organic towels. They must be certified, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable. A variety of collections that suits your every need makes Peshce a reliable source for buying Organic Turkish towels.

Benefits of Organic towels 

  • Natural fibre, particularly on the face and other sensitive areas, reacts gently. They can also add comfort and improve the characteristics of the interior of the bathroom.
  • Being completely free of chemical dyes and other toxic materials organic towels are often recommended by dermatologists. Particularly for those whose skin is sensitive.
  • They work well with patients who have recently recovered from extensive surgical or medical care.
  • These naturally derived towels would encourage people, with their durable qualities, to create a sustainable environment.
  • Finally, as these organic hotel towels are available in a splash of colors such as baby blue, pinkish-white, and canary yellow and prints of floral and tropical motifs and geometric shapes, they add some beauty and uniqueness to your lifestyle.
Using organic cotton towels to make a start and do aside with towels made from other materials. You will certainly notice a change in your lifestyle and you will discover that your life has become much simpler and more enjoyable.

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