Why Turkish towels are the best choice for bath towels?

When you are looking for a towel there are plenty of choices available. You will come across towels of different styles, weights, colors and also different types of cotton. Looking at appearance you might fall for a few but are they really worthy?

Today we would be sharing some of the facts why one should go for Turkish towels and how Turkish cotton towels are the best choice for bath towels.

Turkish Cotton Towel:

Turkish towels are considered as a luxury as it is made up of pure premium cotton. They are also known as pestemal. Turkish towels are known for its super absorbency of water, easy to dry and light weight. Peshtemal have been used for centuries and are also called 'classic Turkish bath towels'.

Turkish cotton is a long-fiber premium cotton produced exclusively in the Aegean region. Not only is Aegean cotton most loved by textile manufacturers, it is also the highest quality. Plus, since its organic cotton is free from toxic chemicals and is naturally hypoallergenic making Aegean a safe option. Along with being good for skin Turkish towels are durable as well. They are popular for long fibres and smoother threads. Aegean cotton, as a result, is extremely resilient. 

The history of Turkish cotton towels is a very long one right from the ancient bathhouses from roman times. More than 40% of the world’s organic cotton comes from Turkey. Most of it is grown from outside of the city Denizli in Turkey which is famous for its towels and robes.

Benefits of Turkish Cotton Towels:

Highly Absorbent - Turkish cotton is renowned for its long fibres, toughness and absorbency grown in the Aegean part of Turkey. So, it is considered to be among the world's highest quality cotton. Long fibres make Turkish towels more absorbent and thicker, so you'll enjoy using them for years to come. With each wash, Turkish towels get softer and more absorbent.

Lightweight – Usually the towels take much of your space. However, you don’t need to worry about that with Turkish towels as they are lighter and less bulky than regular cotton towels. Their lightweight makes them easy to carry. So Turkish towels take up less space in your bags or closet.

Versatility – Turkish cotton towels have infinite uses! They can be used for bath, beach, travel, camping, gym towels, also can add a style statement being a sarong, shawl, scarf for you and add a special touch to your décor by being used as throw blanket, sofa throw, tablecloth/runner and more. Smaller towels may also be used as a hand towel, hair towel, baby towel, kitchen tea towel or napkin.

Quick dry - Turkish towels dry very easily, which makes them a perfect option for a bath, beach, travel, gym towel or kitchen towel as well.

When you search for a perfect towel the things that come to mind would be soft, elegant towels that're quick-drying and durable. Turkish bath towels are the perfect match. Whether you are looking for a bath towel to use at home or for travel these are the best option for those looking for absorbency and softness, without the odor. Since there is a rise in popularity of Turkish cotton towels many options have come forwards.

Peshce’s collection of various Turkish Cotton Towels are a great purchase. Each collection portrays a different story, soft touch and rich texture is certainly what you need this winter season. Naturally, your towels are a matter of individual preference for the material you want. However, you must give a try if you have still not used Turkish cotton towels.

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