Peshkir & Kitchen Towels

"Peshkir is the traditional Turkish hand and head towel and have been used in the Turkish Hammams for centuries. Peshkir which is used to protect food stains from clothing at Ottoman Palace is one of the rare examples of Anatolian weaving. It is incorporated into Turkish from Persian. They are perfect use for your kitchens and bathrooms as kitchen towel, hand towel, head towel, etc. They absorb water better than terry towels and are quicker drying. They also take up less space, are easy to carry and can be used as an alternative to the towel in bathrooms, pools, spas, beaches and in the gym shortly we get a lot of use at Peshkir because of a different size of production.

Ideas for Using

  • Baby’s Blanket: Bassinette, over the bucket car seat, bath towel, swaddle, sunshade.
  • Swim & Fitness: Quick drying exercise or swim towel.
  • Bathroom: Hand Towel, Hair Towel, Decorative, Guest Towel, Travel Towel.
  • Kitchen: Tea Towel, Hand Towel, Place Mat, Decorative for serving.

Here are a small selection from some of our best seller peshkirs :

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