What & Why is Peshtemal?

Peshtemal is a product called as traditional 'Turkish hammam towel' which has been used since centuries in Anatolia. Peshtemal quickly absorbs water, very handy, easy to dry and lightweight.

There are many different peshtemal products: Cotton, Bamboo, Polycotton, Bamboo and Cotton, Linen, Linen and Cotton and many other but most popular on is hand woven on a handloom.

The number of handlooms and weaving craftsmen is decreasing day by day. In addition to that, if the peshtemal woves by yarns with madder, can be used for centuries, retains its originality and does not loose the color.

Peshtemal weaving on hand-loom sometimes takes 2 days, so hand-woven peshtemal are very precious. Semi-automatic slot machines are the tops models than handlooms. Total production of these semi-automatic slot machines are a little bit more, it can weave 10-20 peshtemals in a day. Peshtemal on the beaches,  in the bathroom, hammam, sauna, fitness room, gym, beauty centers, hairdressers, such as home design tablecloths, are able to use in many areas of daily life.

Pestemal bathrobes are the last wonders out of peshtemal. Peshtemal bathrobe has a very lightweight and fast drying.

Generally, peshtemals with different patterns woven by the skilled hands in the hands, now indispensable in our daily lives.

Here are some of our lovely hand loomed towels which are perfect for holidays, hiking/camping, swimming, muddy dogs, gyms/sport, spas, beauty salons, hospitals, B&Bs/hotels, and of course decoration of your own home.

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