Peshtemal are the best choice!

Today, Turkish towels are fast becoming a trend all over the world. It is all due to its coziness, lightness, softness, and high absorbency. All these features have made people gradually shift to Turkish towels rather than everyday terry towels. Turkish towels are considered to be very durable since they are made from distinctive Turkish cotton.   

Turkish towels are also known as Peshtemal or Hammam towels. In Turkey, they are typically hand-woven on looms and have for centuries been part of the rich traditional Turkish Baths called Hammams. This cotton is woven with longer than normal terry-cloth staple fibers, making the fabric tougher, smoother, and more absorbent.  

Even though your Peshtemal towels are thin and lightweight, with their speed to absorb water and also their ability to get dry quickly, they will amaze you. What's even better is that with washing & wearing, their absorbency only increases in time. Peshtemals only get better with time, as opposed to fluffy towels where piles lose their volume and vibrancy after a few washes.   

We all know the best thing about Turkish towels is their super-fast-drying property. This makes your Turkish towels more hygenic and lessens the everyday hassle. Similarly, Peshce's cotton Turkish Towel will pleasantly surprise you with how quickly they dry, nice, and ready for the next round, hanging on the hook.  

Taking care of your Peshtemal  

Even if these towels are made from the finest of the best fabrics, they won't cozy you if you don't take very good care of them. Some of the tips on how to handle your Turkish towel well are:  

Washing: Your Turkish towel should be washed in cold or medium-hot water, on a gentle cycle, with similar colors. Don't use softener for bleach or cotton. Your towel can become less absorbent with fabric softener! Once a month or so, apply a cup of white vinegar to the wash to extract the excess detergent.  

Drying: One of the best benefits of Peshtemals are they quickly dry out. We advise you to hang them to keep the towel dry. If you want a machine dry, it is advisable to do it on low to medium heat to dry your towel.   

Absorbency: The beauty of a Turkish towel is absorbent; thus, a cup of white vinegar should be applied to your washing frequently to enhance absorption. This will also help remove waste and keep it brand fresh at all times from your Turkish towel.  

Turkish towels can be perfect if they are appropriately maintained in conjunction with some of the tips we listed. Pestemals have liberated individuals from the smelly shackles and constant damping of towels, making them popular. They are extremely light and take up very little space because peshtemal towels are flat-woven, making them the perfect travel partner. For your next trip, you can roll them up, and they pack beautifully. Peshtemals are the perfect take-along.

Peshce’s Turkish towels are made of the finest cotton of Turkish origin. They beautifully retain their shape and texture, even after many washes. To find the one that best suits you, pick from our various collections that tells a different story. Witness yourself and know why the fabulous Peshtemal has been popular for centuries around the world.

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