Freshen Up your Peshtemals with our Best Collections!

Peshce welcomes you to the ultimate source of exclusive Turkish towels! We have carefully crafted collections of Turkish Towels, Throws and blankets which are both beautiful and effectively working. Every piece is finely woven by well-trained craftsmen in manual looms in a small city of Turkey. We use only quality cotton, which is 100% Turkish without harmful chemicals. Of course, our towels are soft, absorbent and durable. Our goal is to bring you goods that are manufactured ethically and sustainably at an affordable price.

Every collection here tells a different story. A story which you can relate to in your daily life. Custom designs start with beautiful details and happy everyday occurrences. We knit and weave these moments into the fabric with carefully chosen yarns. We have three collections as mentioned below:

Seasonal Essentials

This one of our exclusive collections. The products are woven in limited edition every year and once sold they are not replaced. Our Seasonal collection of Peshtemal includes the legendary Turkish hammam towels, blankets and robes. These are flat-woven and suitable for both home and beach. They make an ideal travel partner as they need very less space!

Basic Collection

Next comes our basic collection which is the most apt for everyday use. Which includes one of the best-sellers “Turkish Towel”. Peshtemal is a product called 'classic Turkish bath towels' which have been in use since centuries. For thousands of years, Peshtemal has been in use since water is absorbed quickly, they are easy to dry, and light in weight. We have a variety of Peshtemals like Cotton, Bamboo, bamboo and cotton, linen etc.

In Turkish ceremonies, they were considered pure and were a gift to the Turkish community. Turkish towels get softer with every wash and are ultra-absorbent world's finest bath towels. Let’s have a look at some of the daily essentials which you can make a part of your home.

Rüya Turkish Cotton Towel Yellow - These are made from 100% natural Turkish cotton and dyed yarn. Vibrant color and knotted fringes make it completely stand out.

MILA Turkish Cotton Towel Beige - People use these Turkish towels for a variety of purposes. They can be used for home decorations, blankets, spa towels and so on. The more you wash and use them, these handwoven Turkish towels get softer and more luscious.


Dehna Turkish Cotton Towel - These are available in various colors. Dehna towels are made of 100% cotton and due to its ability to absorb water quickly and dry up faster, it can be used as Fouta beach towels.


Ahu Ela Runner Pink - AHU ELA Turkish Towel runner is high-quality, 70% natural Turkish cotton and 30% Linen with Fringe. Absorbs water and dries quickly. Light and space saving.

Yaprak Turkish Cotton Towel Denim Blue - The stylish Turkish cotton towels feature a trendy hand-knotted fringe and are elegant and lightweight. These towels are incredibly soft, thirsty and easy to dry, tightly woven for extra strength and durability.

Accessories As A Choice

At PESHCE, you can get unlimited choices of gifting your loved ones with quirky and useful accessories. Give them the beautiful turkish blue tile and make them happy. This Turkish tile is handmade and Iznik Babanakkas style. Gift your dear ones the perfect storage solution by giving them handmade crochet baskets. Looking for great gift options for your lady love? We have classic looking hand clutches, cross-body bags and handmade rope bag to give to your female friends. Turn a bad mood into a happy one, by gifting your loved ones with the handmade wood candle.

DESING Your Gift

Next comes is our DESING Your Gift collection which gives you the advantage of selecting your type of fabric, box and pattern and can customize a gift for anybody. This collection includes various products. Turkish Robe is majorly talked about. Peshtemal robes are the lightest and skinniest robe you will ever wear, which will make you feel like you're relaxing at the finest hotel or spa. Turkish bathrobes are very easy to dry and highly absorbent, light in weight and take up little space, meaning they are the perfect travel companion. In comparison to other towels, they get softer and more luscious the more you wash and use them. Available in different styles to keep you as trendy as ever before.


You can choose from the following to design your own gift:

Gift card - Not sure what the other person would like as a gift? Don’t worry, gift your beloved with a Orange gift card from PESHCE. Give them the gift of choice by sending them a gift card to shop at PESHCE!

Gift Boxes - Have finalized what you want to gift? Well, let us help you arrange it in a nice way. Our custom gift boxes can be designed as per your choice. These adorable gift boxes will make you and your loved one super happy!

Bundles - Overwhelmed with our collection and want to shop alot of things? Great! Add them to your cart and make a special request to bundle them for you. We will arrange them cutely in a PESHCE box for you!


Hope you enjoy gift shopping! Remember, it is more than just a GIFT!

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