Story of the P E S H C E

We were born in Anatolia, a land considered the zero point of the human record, with its ancient history dating back 16,000 years. This is where the story begins and we are constantly evolving, nourished by Mesopotamia, the universal bridge and intersection of people and commerce. We're very old, but we're always aiming for the new, with a vision for the future. In stalls, we rebuild ourselves with stitches without obscuring the identity. We are happy to learn and explore every day and take these discoveries one step further, offering them as more than a gift to people from different cultures throughout the world.Sometimes our inspiration is as impatient as the Black Sea, sometimes we are as serene, as sunny and as energetic as the Mediterranean, where we took our brand colour and rested our soul. We feed and prosper from diversity and contrast, east and west; in fact, from differences. We take our power from the past, but we do not get trapped there; we know we’re on the verge of other universes. We take our cultural heritage to the heart of other lands in awareness of our responsibility to the world, while producing with the strong women of our country in traditional ways.
Like the flower of life that inspired our symbol, there is feeling in every petal. Because the flower of life moves us to be positive, energetic, empathetic, sincere, sensitive and warm, to be daring and unique. We align with a brand philosophy and values that place the flower of life in the centre. Like the flower of life, our roots are deep; but like our geography, we are resistant to the winds. We dream of creating collections that expand day by day, of creating products that hold individual stories and that will pamper always.
At P E S H C E, we are always seeking new possibilities that intersect with equal emotions, such as the flower of life and an inclusive state of mind. In the nurturing and rich land where we were born, we search for the rare and strive to add value to every person we touch. Believing that all our energy comes from a single source, such as the centre of the flower of life, we connect the past with the future. We know that P E S H C E must always mean more than just a gift.

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