Turkish Tile Elegance

Tile making might be seem more important at ottoman empire but it dates back to first Turkish states. It was thanks to Chinese that turks start tile making. In fact Turkish word for tile making “ Çini” is means “From China, Chinese Work” in Ottoman Turkish. Even though they learned tile from another nation, Turks became mastered at tile making and create original works. Turkish Tiles came to the fore the most in architecture and decoration. Especially Turkish Tiles that used in architecture can give us important information Tile making is quite difficult, needs to much handicraft and creativity but its still alive.Although tile products is not used as intensely in architecture as before, it can be said that they stand out in home decoration. If you add a tile product in your decoration, you can see the authentic atmosphere at the environment. When Turkish tiles used correctly, it becomes an indispensable part of a modern decoration.You can use P E S H C E tile products that combine modern and traditional feelings in your living space or workplace. For looking in our modern products: https://peshce.com/collections/accessories and keep on waiting for more!

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