Turkish Peshtemal towel a Best Travel Friend!

Any plans of going for a vacation, a small trip or a Weekend getaway! Along with all the valuables packed one definitely searches for a Best Travel Friend that would be a perfect towel. Travelers often want to pack a towel but they don't have plenty of free room in their luggage. And packing a big fluffy towel would take up a lot of space leaving you no space for your other valuables. Everyone loves to travel lean and hassle-free. They will need something that dries easily, stays fresh and doesn't get messy too soon. You don’t need to be worried about all these while carrying Turkish towels along.

What makes Turkish towels a Best Travel Friend?

They are light and compact, easy to fold and gets in your bag or suitcase without taking much space. As and when you reach your destination you would witness its different uses in various situations.

Peshce’s Roundie is perfect for a beach day, as a picnic mat, as a sarong for an open-air music festival or any place you go. They are versatile travel essential and a must-have while a trip. They are made of high quality natural Turkish cotton and are available in various cool colors and designs. With their stylish, hand-knotted fringe, Roundies also look great as scarves or wrap-around dresses and protect you from getting sunburnt or from getting cold on a breezy spring day! At the beach, Turkish towels are great choices for bathing suit cover-ups or beach and picnic blankets. Their absorbency is high and they dry quickly. They don’t trap sand in its fibres like with normal beach towels, which will free you from the hassle of carrying a plastic bag to protect the other items in your luggage.

For those travelling with kids, they already have a lot to take care. We have a lot of fun in the sun but the kids need little shade and extra protection from the sun. Peshce is perfect to provide a little sun relief to infants, and can also be used as a baby wrap or baby blanket. That makes kids happy, and so are you.

The uses are just not over If you plan to go camping, one single Peshtemal can solve many of your problems. Though you might have planned a summer trip for camping the nights can be cold in tents. Your Turkish towel can be used as a throw and can protect you from getting cold. In fact, the single Peshtemal  that you carried along could do a lot for you during vacation. It dries you, it can be used as a scarf, as a throw, keep you warm during flights and the list goes on and on. This, in essence, makes Pesche’s traditional Turkish bath towels an ideal Travel partner for travelers and holidaymakers. You'll enjoy their usefulness so much so that when you're out and about you'll never leave them behind.

 Also, if you are planning a trip to your friend's house and can’t think of a unique thankyou gift for him/her or their family members. Turkish Peshtemal towels can be a perfect gift which everybody loves.  It would definitely leave a smile on their face. Their exceptional quality and superior softness make them an ideal gift selection for your close ones.

No matter how you want to use it, take along and enjoy your Peshce as a Best Travel Friend!

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