How to pick a perfect towel for yourself!

Towels are a mix of feature and style, it’s not just about the functions. When you select your towel, one must make sure it is right enough to be useful and also decorative while lying on the rack. The most important things to keep on your checklist while buying a Turkish towel are its material, weight and size. Purchasing for towels can be a touchy process. Here is everything you need to know about towel selection so your search goes smoothly.

Determine by fabric:

Supima Cotton – This material makes for a bath towel of high quality. Supima cotton is famous for its extra-long, dense fibers coveted for its strength and absorption. It is also called as Pima cotton.

Microcotton - MicroCotton towels' impressive absorbency and light feel make us venerate these whenever we need to dry off. They are made using manufacturing methods which are environmentally friendly.

Bamboo – If you are ECO friendly and want a good towel? Go with bamboo. Bamboo fabric is super-absorbent and quickly dries out, so it is the best of both worlds. Bamboo is also anti-bacterial. If you are looking for a thinner towel this could be the best choice.

Organik Cotton – Organik towels are made from cotton manufactured without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer.

Turkish Cotton – These fabrics have long fibers that remove water from your body and create a comfortable, fluffy towel. After every wash, they become smoother, softer and more absorbent. They can turn out to be one's fantasy. Peshce’speshtemal towels are the perfect example of it.


Grams per meter square is the GSM. It is the unit used to measure the consistency of the towel; it is similar to as the thread count of sheets. GSM varies between 300 and 900. Here are some details about the GSM and what are they good for.

300 - 400 GSM – The towel with this GSM thinner and lightweight making them a perfect to be a gym towel. They are thinner and coarser than the ones with higher GSM. Comparatively, they are less absorbent but can dry quickly. 

400 - 620 GSM – They are the medium-weight ones that make them a good match to be a beach and bath towel. Soft and absorbent they are and also don't take forever to dry. You can hang them in the sun on a rack or on a balcony and they would dry off before your second use.

620 - 900 GSM – Finally, these are thick and absorbent, which makes it feel extra comfortable but takes a little more time to dry.

Different Sizes:

Towels come in a range of sizes you may want to consider before you buy. A regular towel to dry off after a shower or bath is 27 "x 52" whereas a sheet of bath is slightly larger at 35 "x 60". A bath sheet offers more covering, so you can cover yourself completely. Also, if you are looking for smaller choices, hand towels are 16 "x 30" and paper towels are 13 "x 13."

With all that information it becomes easy for you to select a perfect towel that fits your preferences. But that is not it to ensure longevity, the proper care is also needed. So here are some tips which will help you to take care of your Turkish towels.

Care for your towels.

  • Wash them once before using your towels to help set their color and improve absorbency.
  • Say no to fabric softeners. Stop using them because they can leave the residue and make the texture stiffer.
  • Rinse with Vinegar. Using a cupful in the wash once a month will remove the body oils and soap residue that reduces the absorption of towels. This also blasts odors.
  • Never hang them on hooks. This makes them dry slower and slow dry means more bacteria.
  • One more tip is not to iron them. It is terrible, because ironing crushes the fabric loops, making them less absorbent.

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