Ways to wear a Turkish Peshtemal towels!

Turkish Peshtemal towels are the most versatile compared to other towels. Turkish towels are popular for their flexibility and various ways to use them can delight you. Made from 100% cotton, which is why they are known to be very soft. Indeed the cotton softens with wear, so you won't believe how they feel after every wash. Turkish beach-towels beat traditional towels when it comes to style. Turkish cotton designs and colors are far more appealing than other typical beach or bath towels. Not only are these peshtemal towels soft and comfortable, but they are also pretty beautiful, and can easily be used as a trendy cover-up as you stroll along the shore and dip your toes into the water.

Peshtemal have several other functions, along with being your best friend on the beach. They can be used in different ways. Let's talk today about ways you could wear a Turkish towel.

  1. Sarong and skirts - You need a beach towel, why not have one which works like an elegant cover-up as well. Turkish Peshtemal towels are a perfect fit as a stylish sarong. Tuck it or tie it always stay in place with a perfect fit. By tying it up one can wear it as a dress or slung down like a skirt on your hip. The traditional sarong serves many of these purposes but lacks the absorbency of Turkish towels.
    1. Head covering / Hair towels - One more essential style of wearing a Turkish towel is to cover your head which is needed when you visit certain places of countries. Also, they can be used to tie up your hair. The Turkish Towel wraps up your hair and absorbs water far faster than the typical towel! And that isn't going to fall off your head! It's actually so lightweight that you might forget your wearing it!
      1. Scarf - Their colorful patterns and color variations make them perfect for being used as a scarf. One can wear the Turkish towel as a scarf on the airport if you are travelling and then use it as the aeroplane blanket. Discuss how best this towel is used. Two duties!
        1. Skirt - Simply tie in a broad knot at your hip and leave the slit to use as a cover-up. Yes, they can also be used as wrap-around skirts while you are on a beach.
          1. Shawl/ Throw blanket - Turkish towels are generously sized and extremely soft to snuggle in. Their stylish fringes add style and you get a towel on the sofa feeling right at home. You can simply wrap around your shoulder and save yourself from getting chilly on an evening outing. As they are light and compact it makes them ideal travel Turkish blankets too. Tuck one into your bag and you can use it on a cold flight to cover up.


          Best Turkish towels from Peshce, a Turkish towel company are lightweight, durable and super absorbent and almost ideally suited for any scenario whenever you need a beautiful piece of fabric. They can also be worn in different styles. Most designs require just a couple of knots. Let’s have a look at different styles and their descriptions.

          1. Greek Goddess inspired style - Wrap and tie the towel around your body and from one side tie it on left or right shoulder. The drape style of the Greeks appreciated the human body well, and it was reflected in their design.
          1. Side knot style - By folding the towel in half wrap it around your waist. After which tie it at one side with loose ends. This look is cute and flirtatious and is perfect for the transition from the pool or ocean to a car, hotel, etc.
          1. Kimono style drape - Spread the towel around your body and hold the ends in both your hands. Keep the ends at side close to the wrist. Repeat it with second hand as well.
              1. Long Skirt Style and Sarong - Hold the towel horizontally at the back and the waist and bring both the ends to the front and tie the knot. Leave the slit in the front centre or at the side is your choice. Give a touch of elegance to your look, using your towel as a sarong. For a trendy and breezy feel, wrap it around your waist or torso.

                  1. Halter drape dress - The way to drape this style holds the towel at your back, bring the towel in front from under the arms, pull the upper corners and tie it around your neck. One could style this dress with statement accessories to complete the look. This could be a perfect dress for a beach outing.

                    1. Double knot on front style - Start wrapping your towel around you, from back to front. Place onto your chest level the top end of your towel and tie a knot. Repeat the knot yet again.
                      1. The Strapless Dress - Start with the towel behind your back. Grab two corners on the highest, pull them forward and cross over your chest. Twist each end tightly then tuck them within the top of the towel and here your strapless cover is ready.
                        1. For MenJust wrap the towel tightly around and tuck the corner in. Style your soft and cosy Turkish cotton the way you want.

                        With different colors and patterns, they make and ultimate style statement. Peshce’s Turkish towel is all you need. You won't have to store a specific bath and beach towels. They're lightweight so when you're travelling they don't take up a bunch of space in your linen closet or suitcase. Turkish towels blend into your lifestyle and give you a perfectly stylish look!

                        We hope you will enjoy these tips and ideas while you use your Turkish Towel!


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