Hand loomed Hammam Towels!

For many years, the hammam towels have been a tradition in Turkish baths and are famous for being soft, absorbent and fast-drying – it is the ideal travel partner for your holidays. The Peshtemal is very absorbent and dries quicker, lighter and takes up little room, so it's ideal to be part of your daily routine. In bathrooms, beach, sauna, gym, fitness centre, beauty centre, hairdryers, house styling and a variety of living spaces, Peshtemal can be used. 

Peshtemal is traditionally made of 100 percent cotton, woven on looms and used in Turkish steam baths to cover bodies with a background of almost 600 years. Peshtemal is also manufactured from natural fibre including linen and bamboo. These are not just a towel but can be a life saviour in many places.  

When you decide to buy a towel, we are sure nobody wants a towel that would get harsh over time, begins to frail or colours start fading and more.  It doesn't have to be such a waste of money every time you buy towels. We are here with some tips that would help you select a perfect Peshtemal for you. There are a few main concerns and points to be taken into account like the sizes, weight, type of cotton etc. Let’s introduce you to Peshtemals which are also known as Turkish towel, hammam towel, and fouta towel! 

Why Peshtemals over Classic towels 

Peshtemals are Turkish traditional towels, used in ancient times as the primary apparel. With time, people began using hammam towels in their everyday lives because of the absorbing, lightweight, fast-drying and sturdy texture. Peshtemal has become an irreplaceable part of everyday life and is still commonly used by millions every day!  

We all know that their super-fast drying property is the best thing about Turkish towels. This hygienically eliminates the hustle and bustle of your Turkish towels. Similarly, Peshce's Turkish Towel will surprise you pleasantly by how quickly they hang on the hook and dry, nice, and ready for the next round. Whereas the classic towels are fluffy and heavier.  

Perfect towel size

We believe you should pick a multi-use towel to make the most of a towel. When you buy towels, it is important to look at the places of your life that you need, use towels and collect them that are useful in most areas. If you didn't think about it before, you can use a peshtemal in many ways to make the peshtemal the winner of the competition between towels.  

A towel that can easily wrap around your body is the ideal size for you. If you are comfortable with its fit or not is the most important question. It ought to be long enough to be able to use it as a blanket in cold weather or as a picnic mattress at the beach or at home as a decorative item, maybe to hang from your sofa and provide your apartment with a minimalist and modern look, even like a tablecloth and a scarf. How practically you can use your peshtemal is your perfect fit. 

Weaving type 

A towel can be woven in more than one style such as ringspun, combed or twisted-fibre. Always look for what type of weaving is used in towel purchases and make sure you carefully read the product description if you buy it online. Though weaving is automated, the fringes are knotted by hand. 

The heavier rule is not applicable to peshtemals! Lighter doesn't say it's no longer a towel of good quality. We are proud to say that Turkish towels are lightweight but still soft and absorbent as a towel of high quality. Lighter, hammam towels are more practical and convenient. The benefit of Turkish towels is they are lightweight and easy to carry.   

Every Turkish manufacturer of towels produces peshtemals in a variety of options so that you can select the best one in terms of the areas that Turkish peshtemals can use. Due to their lightweight and fast-drying texture, peshtemals can be washed more easily. 

Quality of cotton

The softness of the towel is the most important factor. Your sensitive skin should not get damaged or suffer any kind of rashes. It should also be soft enough to be used for babies as well. Turkish cotton is the world's leading high-quality cotton. Turkish cotton is cotton made up of fibres longer than ordinary cotton that contributes to thinner, heavier, tougher and smoother hammam towels on the market. It is the thinner fibre of the Turkish towels that makes it easier to absorb, but also to dry them fast. This is critical as the longer the towel remains wet, the greater the likelihood that bacteria and germs may grow.  

Giving a check to all the above qualities for hammam towels does not mean you have to spend a fortune. It's important to remember that even though your towel is costly to you, it can be seen as an investment because it lasts a decade or so for a good expensive towel. Cheap can be costly, after all. Further, let’s have a look at why hammam towels are being loved so much. The key benefits which we stated earlier that they are smoother, faster to dry and highly absorbent apart from these there are several other benefits. They are versatile and handy.  

Hammam towels which are known as Peshtemals and Turkish towels. Apart from the basic benefits they also can be used in different ways. They are highly absorbent, which makes them perfect after a bath, shower or swim. They easily fit in your storage space or anywhere you desire as they are compact. Its multiple-use as sarongs, scarfs, beach mat or wraparounds makes them a must-have holiday essential. Not only this Peshtemals also gives you comfort by giving warmth when you drape them around in cold evenings. Along with being cosy, they add decorative charm to your living space. The Turkish hammam is also a hub for health and entertainment where individuals have social activities. This recognition has improved over the years and this stunning cloth is being used by people, including beach towels, sauna, yoga, bath towels, tea towels and baby towels! 

Today, this Peshtemal multi-use fabric travels across the globe across seven continents for use in varying kinds. One other major benefit of Peshtemals are they are eco-friendly and are dyed with safe vegetable dye which is certified. All the Turkish Cotton is of the greatest quality and all of the fringes and tassels are hand-made in our Turkish village by rural women's. It is easy to use as it is lightweight and requires a limited amount of room making it an ideal travel companion. The normal structure of your skin invigorates. Along with being eco-friendly, less energy is required during washing and drying, as it dries very quickly. Gentle laundry is the best and appropriate. We recommend not to use bleach or any harsh detergents to give pestemals a longer life.  

We hope that our guide is adequately detailed and helpful enough to choose the right hammam towels for you.

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