Turkish Bathrobes are The Perfect Valentine’S Day Gift Idea For 2021!

You forgot to make a dinner reservation and now you have no idea what to do? The biggest bouquet in the world won't save you from this one. We sympathize with you men. But you can turn this around. There is still room for romance in the pandemic!

Instead of a lover's spat imagine this. You and your girlfriend (or boyfriend) relaxing in bed, clad in matching bathrobes. Face masks on, wine glass in one hand, eating take-out sushi while watching Valentine's day. Slow dancing late at night to Frank Sinatra, candles painting the room with warm, delicate light. She'll love you for this!

We promise this spa-night will hit the heartstrings and show exactly how much you care about and appreciate your partner. Oh and we recommend Pinot Noir and Chenin Blanc as wine pairings for your candle-lit sushi dinner!

Shakespeare said, “Journey’s end in lover’s meeting.” We believe your journey may have ended but the comfort can keep on going! If you’re still wondering what to gift your girlfriend on Valentine's? Think no more, we have the most exquisite selection of bathrobes to make that fantasy come alive!

 Su Bathrobe White-Bordeaux

The Su bathrobe is made from high-quality, 100% Turkish cotton. The perfect gift your SO can wear comfortably to your Netflix & chill Valentine’s day plans. 

The elegant design of the Su bathrobes makes it a definite hit with the ladies. The tasteful stripes of dull rose at the arms, body, and belt hems add a beautiful touch of color. Our cozy bathrobes are excellent for many lazy Sundays to come.

Why your girlfriend or wife will love these? To start with Turkish cotton fibers are longer and stronger than any other type of cotton. The long fibers make our bathrobes super absorbent. Who wouldn’t enjoy these!

Toprak With Terry Bathrobe Royal Blue

This peshtemal robe will give you the ultimate feeling of being at a professional spa-resort right at your home! Ladies will love this Turkish bathrobe as it absorbs water and dries quickly. Light to wear and also saves space. Not to mention it comes with a hood attached. Talk about the perfect gift! 

Your partner will feel pampered in the Toprak bathrobe like no other. Royal blue is a color that complements everyone. The minimal touches of white stripes contrast well with the vivid blue color. It will show them just how much effort and heart you put into their gift!

Dila With Terry Bathrobe Yellow

For a pop of color this Valentine’s day, may we recommend our Dila bathrobes? These goldenrod-colored bathrobe are hand-loomed in Turkey and produced by dyeing yarn. Dila bathrobe is very smooth with practically no “fuzz”. Since all fringes are knotted by ladies in the village. All our bathrobes are made with love. For you to gift reassured to the love of your life.

The sunny color reflects happiness and laughter. The white stripes give a tie-dyed effect to the bathrobe that is very on-trend. The bathrobe also comes with large pockets.

Gift bathrobes with rich hues and entrancing patterns like this one and your girlfriend is sure to appreciate your gesture!

Azra Bathrobe Beige

The Azra Turkish towel bathrobe becomes softer, fluffier, and absorbent the more you wash and use them! A gift that keeps on giving.

If your girlfriend loves the beige aesthetic as seen in your house interior, she will love this gorgeous bathrobe matching perfectly with her love of muted tones. This gift will show just how thoughtful and caring you are!

A definite win for Valentine’s day gift ideas 2021. We recommend getting a matching bathrobe for yourself. That’s why we made them unisex! Now you can click cute Instagram pictures together. #valentinesday #PESHCE

That’s our recommendation! We hope you have the best Valentine’s day with our luxurious Turkish bathrobes. A good company can make even staying in fun! Just put on a good movie like Love, Actually or This Means war and have a lovely time, you deserve it! Here at Peshce, we believe: It’s not just a gift. More than it! Thank you for reading and happy Valentine’s Day!

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