Tender Love and Care for Turkish Peshtemals!

Your Turkish peshtemal towels can last years if taken good care and washed with some precautionary measures. Hard water, friction and frequent exposure to oil and soil will really ruin a fabric. As peshtemal are ideal buddies for your shower, pool times, gymnasium, beauty centers, house design and many living areas they definitely deserve tender loving care, to keep them feeling their best.

How do I keep my towels soft? Is the next question that arises. Don’t worry, we can help. Here are some tips for you which can help you make your peshtemals fluffier and super-absorbent with every use.

Soak before first use - A gentle soak before first use is recommended. You can soak the towel for a few hours or overnight in cold water. Simply by soaking the cotton fibres are allowed to bloom and grow. This makes Turkish towels more absorbent and fabric smoother.

Be careful while using detergents - Excessive use of detergent and over-drying can leave your towels hard after wash. Over time they start to build up soapy residue. To protect your peshtemal from it one can cut down on the amount of detergent which you pour in. This will help remove all the leftover bits of soap during the rinse.

Warm Water for wash - By using warm water as your body temperature the detergent gets dissolved easily and does not accumulate on your towels. Another way of washing is you can add detergent to the water and allow it to dissolve after which you can add the towels for wash, this leaves your towels completely residue-free.

Vinegar instead of Fabric softener - Sometimes a quick and simple tip like this makes a BIG difference. Fabric softeners are not only toxic but they also coat the fabric and makes it harder to clean the towels. Soften your towels with one cup of white vinegar every six weeks, this extracts the soapy residue that makes towels feel rough, giving back softness and returning them to full absorption. White vinegar is readily available and it is the most natural way to freshen your Turkish towels.

Baking Soda - Towels develop certain smell when not allowed to dry completely this happens when there is too much moisture in the air, or left the damp towel on the floor. In order to get rid of smell you can also add half a cup of baking soda to your usual amount of detergent, this loosens up the fibre and scrub off any chemicals or dirt. Baking soda naturally eliminates musty odours and you'll be utterly amazed by the how fresh your towel smells.

Wash Separately - Do not put too many towels into the washer at once. Also, wash them separately or they can get stained with colours from other clothes. Overloading the tub at once can not only strain your machine but this won’t allow enough room to rinse out the detergent and dirt from the towels. At the time of drying towels, the dryer won't have enough air to fluff the fabric properly. And instead of soft, fluffy ones, you'll get hard and matted towels. Ideally, two to three towels along with hand towels and wash clothes can be washed at one time.

Tumble Drying can damage your Turkish Towels - Tumble drying may seem like a good idea but too much heat can destroy the integrity of cotton, making your towels hard. Instead, you can use a lower setting or find an alternative between air drying and tumble drying. Drying them on a cool setting can also prevent them from the damage.

Hope these tips will free yours from the question of how to take care of your peshtemal towels. The more you use the towels, the softer they become- like your favourite clothes. Give them time and take great care of them, ultimately, they will last forever! If you are looking for such Turkish cotton towels that perfectly suits your living visit Peshce, Turkish Towel Company!

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