Your Ultimate Guide To Small Hand Towels: Storage ideas, when to wash? And more

Cute hand towels can easily spice up your bare bathroom. Just a pop of color and pattern here and there will enhance your minimalist bathroom. Making even apartments with small bathrooms seem stylish and spacious.

Hand towels are more versatile than you may think. Turkish hand towels stay dry for longer periods and their strength makes them ideal hand towels for gym. They're light and thin making them perfect to take to the gym or travel with.

You can also co-ordinate your kitchen towel with the color of your kitchen wallpaper. To have a more cohesive aesthetic just like you see on your Pinterest feed.

Small hand towels, however, have the most common use in the bathroom. Here we provide solutions to storage problems we've all faced one time or the other. But to start off we address the question:

How often should I wash my hand towel?

We all know to wash our bed sheets and pillow covers every week but what about our towels?

Bath towels should be washed every week and not shared between different people. Hand towels on the other hand are used more frequently, reside in a germ-friendly busy room, and are shared by multiple people. For this reason, throwing them in the laundry every couple of days is necessary.

It's advisable to keep multiple back-ups of hand towels. Throw them out when you don't enjoy using them anymore. This is an indicator of the linen losing its softness and becoming old and frayed.

If you’ve bought a lot of cute towels for your first apartment but now face the inevitable storage problem. Don’t worry here are some fun and creative ways to make towel space in a tiny bathroom:

1. Ladder tower rack

Ladders are amazing for adding space in the most congested spaces. You can utilize the vertical space of your bathroom to easily hang towels with the help of ladder racks

2. Behind the door

The space behind the door can be used to effectively solve the storage problem. Using hooks to hang towels or buying racks that hook over the door frame and also give space for shelves to store bath products.

3. Shelves above the door

When trying to find shelving space in the bathroom for the numerous shower gels and hair products we own, the space above the door gets overlooked. You can utilize this to create out-of-the-way long shelves that hold all your towels and any extra toiletries.

4. Shower towel rack

Buy a handy towel rack for your in-shower products that can hang over the shower door with a hook on the other side to hang your towel. This 2-in-1 rack will keep your towel dry while you shower and still within hand’s reach.

5. Cabinets

Depending on how much space you have in your bathroom, you can solve all your storage problems with an all-in-one solution. You can easily find tiny, compact cabinets for cheap. Try finding a tall cabinet to utilize the vertical space.

6. Use wall space

Even if you don’t have a huge empty wall, you can utilize it with the help of tiny vertical shelves. Break up the storage with a couple of these in any suitable empty wall space to store tons of small bathroom towels easily!

7. Baskets

Wicker, metal, plastic, or foldable baskets are cheaply and readily available everywhere. Roll your towels to store more and keep your bathroom organized.

8. Vertical bar mounts

These bar mounts can be found easily and take up very little space. Plus they store multiple towels making them ideal for even the tiniest of bathrooms.

9. Bathroom carts

Carts are amazing for storage inside and outside the bathroom. You can find them in compact sizes that can easily slide in small spaces for out-of-the-way storage and effortless access.

10. Cabinet towel racks

Towel racks that hang over cabinet doors are efficient in that they take no extra space and are right where you need them to dry your hands.

Now that you know how to maximize your storage, here are some Turkish cotton small hand towels that will elevate your bathroom even more:

1. Yasmin Hand Towels

Yasmin hand towels come in 2 styles and 8 different colors for you to choose from. Unlike most towels, these get softer and smoother with each wash!

2. Asya Small Towels With Terry

Asya small towels with terry come in two different colors. In neutral minimalistic beige and sage minty green. Colors that are very on-trend for 2021. Ideal for taking to the gym as they are super light and thin.

3. Dilruba Small Towels

Dilruba small towels come in 4 different colors. The checkered design makes them a beautiful addition to any bathroom. They are exceptionally soft, moisture-wicking, and quick to dry.

4. Akasya Small Towels

Akasya small towels come in 4 vibrant colors. These are made from Turkish cotton peshkir hand-loomed in turkey by ladies in the village. You know every product is made with love when it’s handmade.

5. Ufuk Hand Towels

Ufuk hand towels are available in 4 colors with minimalist stripes pattern sure to be a customer favorite. These are so beautiful you can use them as decorative guest towels.

If you’re in search of Turkish cotton small hand towels for your kitchen, look no further, here are some aesthetic options to choose from Çınar Kitchen Towel and Bahar Kitchen Towel.

That’s all we have to share. We hope you found our blog useful! Feel free to contact us for any queries. Gift our hand towels to your favorite person, after all at Peshce we believe it’s Not just a gift, more than it! Stay safe and happy shopping!

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